Harley the Pom Gets a New Toy
Harley the Pomeranian has been settling in quite well. He now has plenty of toys to keep him occupied when he is home alone or when I am unavailable.

He now has:

  • 2x rainbow rubber band balls with bells inside (which is actually a cat toy!)
  • small chew bone (that easily gets lost under the couch)
  • tennis balls tethered by a rope that is shaped like a bone

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I am a little amazed that he seems to play with all of his toys equally and doesn’t seem overly possessive of them. He inherited a few toys from another dog and he has even taken a liking to them, along with a few doggy blankets and a pet bed. I did wash the blankets and bed before giving them to Harley the Pomeranian. We didn’t know if he would use something that belonged to another dog. But I guess the smell had washed away enough so that he felt at home.

I wish I could spend endless hours watching him play, he is just so entertaining and innocent. I’m really looking forward to teaching him some tricks & being able to take him for walks. I’ve started trying to teach him to stay. I think he is catching on and we are both having a great time learning how to get along. We have to wait until he has had his last vaccination which will be in a few weeks before we take him for walks and to interact with other dogs. One of the main reasons I wanted a dog was having the excuse that they needed to go for a walk which would get me out of the house and moving. I’m sure we could all do with a little more exercise. Although since he is quite small he probably doesn’t need too much exercise. I’m not sure how much bigger he is going to get either!
Harley the Pomeranian gets a new toy


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