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What you need to know about hosting a pool party


I've had a bit of practice throwing pool parties, with my first one being for a girl's night. I wouldn't say I have perfected how to throw an adult pool party, by any means. But I have had a lot of practice and know the elements that make it one to remember. Pool Party timing Picking the perfect time for your pool party can be tricky. And apart from the weather, the biggest hurdle is finding a time that suits everyone. But before you can even get to that, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Do you [...]

What you need to know about hosting a pool party2023-02-07T14:09:03+11:00

How to Stay Connected With Friends This Year


I’m sure you know by now that I love a good girls night with my friends. But it’s been hard for all of us to catch up in the last few months. We’ve been keeping a list of things we want to do together when this period of our lives is over. In the meantime, I have been relying on technology to stay connected with friends. Snapchat We have our own Snapchat group. And while it can get a little confusing sometimes when there is more than one conversation happening, it’s been an excellent outlet for all of us. It [...]

How to Stay Connected With Friends This Year2021-05-25T20:39:15+10:00

10 Traits of a Good Friend


A good friend can be hard to come by, especially when you are an adult. But there are a few qualities to look out for to ensure your new friendship will continue to blossom. There are a number of characteristics that set genuine friends aside from your other friends. So what makes a good friend? You might have many acquaintances and a handful of friends. But only the best of the best get to be called good friends. So what sets these amazingly great friends apart from the rest? If your lucky, you'll find some of your existing friends with [...]

10 Traits of a Good Friend2023-09-18T15:11:47+10:00

26 Different Kinds of Friends


The kinds of friends you have throughout your life can be so varied. I've put together a list featuring each letter of the alphabet that represents a kind of friend. In my close group of about 10 friends, I know I can attribute each one of these letters to a friend. And I know which ones I'd pick for myself, but I wonder if my friends would agree?  Athlete The athlete is good at many sports and most likely has a competitive streak. She can beat you at your own game, even if it’s her first time. Naturally fast reflexes, [...]

26 Different Kinds of Friends2021-05-25T20:27:25+10:00

How to cultivate amazing friendships


I always complained to my husband that I never had any close friends. He said that I would make friends with the other school mums when our kids were at school. That was a long time for me to wait to cultivate amazing friendships! I chose not to wait for friends to come to me. I decided to do things to become closer to the people I already knew. Now I have a group of 10 women that I am close with and I'm really really close with a few of them too. Make an effort Don’t wait for your [...]

How to cultivate amazing friendships2023-07-02T09:41:45+10:00
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