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//A Day in the Life

As a belated (October) birthday present, I took my mum for High Tea at Hotel Windsor. I wanted to go during the week, because I thought it wouldn’t be so busy but it had to wait until I had time off work over Christmas. They offer two sittings 12.30pm & 2.30pm, I thought 2.30 was more appropriate for afternoon tea but is only offered Wednesday to Sunday.

Mum also wanted to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is the largest in the southern hemisphere. I’d taken her there once before but we didn’t see much that day. We didn’t visit too many stores today either but bought some things at Zara, Lush, Uniglo, had a coffee break at Lindt café, and finally browsed at Louise Vuitton before leaving.

Photo 7-01-2015 12 33 24 pm We happened to get to Hotel Windsor about an hour early. Mum wanted to leave Chadstone around 1pm for our 2.30pm sitting. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. We just talked in the lobby while sitting in the fancy chesterfield chairs. It got quite noisy with kids for a while & we were both hoping that they weren’t going to be at afternoon tea.

Once 2.30 rolled around we sat down at our table we were pleased to see only a few kids. After filling our glasses with the complimentary French champagne, the waitress asked if we were celebrating a special occasion & I let them know that it was a belated birthday gift for my mum.

Photo-7-01-2015-2-42-38-pm    Photo-7-01-2015-3-08-20-pm

Our three tiered plates arrived next. With five different flavours of finger sandwiches, three desserts each & ramekins of double cream, jam & lemon curd to go with the fresh scones. We also had our own silver tea pot with the Windsor signature black tea. We each got one plain & one sultana scone, they were amazing & still warm, perhaps fresh out of the oven. About half way through the sitting, the waitress that asked about it being a special occasion bought out a plate with Happy Birthday written in chocolate accompanied by two extra sweets. We were quite impressed, and very much enjoyed the tiramisu & layered berry sponge.

Photo 7-01-2015 3 30 00 pm
Despite the small size of each of the item, there was plenty & it was very filling. I wanted to have a nap towards the end! We were both so full & decided that we did not need dinner later that evening.

We had a fantastic afternoon at the Hotel Windsor & would highly recommend it to anyone. If cost is a concern, it is absolutely worth every single cent. Although to save yourself $20 per person you could go during the week like we did.


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