5 Things I Wish I Did Before Becoming A Parent

//5 Things I Wish I Did Before Becoming A Parent

5 Things I Wish I Did Before Becoming A Parent
I wouldn’t change a thing. But if I can pass on a small nugget of advice to anyone, it would make my day. I don’t like to use the word regret. It implies that you would change it if you had the chance. I wouldn’t change a thing but there are a few things I wish I did before becoming a parent.

5 things I wish I did before becoming a parent

Save Money

I saved like mad until I moved in with my husband. That’s how we managed to have such a decent house deposit. It’s also how we paid cash for our curtains and some new furniture. But I wish I kept up with some regular savings, even if it was just a small amount. I think knowing that you have a little bit of saving for an emergency or a rainy day is helpful.


With all that money in savings, I could have travelled. And while I have travelled quite a bit since having my daughter, I still wish I had done more before she was born. We did have an amazing month-long honeymoon, but a baby-moon would have been perfect!

Date Night

My husband and I did spend time together. But it was mostly at home. And in front of the television. I accompanied him to a lot of things that interest him. I still joke that he owes me a few craft fairs. I wish we made more of an effort to go out for a date night. There are so many options for things to do besides dinner and a movie.


Entertaining at home when you have young kids is tough. My husband hosted his company Christmas break up at our house last year. The guests felt the need to leave because my daughter didn’t want to miss out on the action and kept getting out of bed. I wish we took advantage of the empty house, entertaining our friends and have them stay over if it wasn’t safe to drive home.

Stay up late

This kinda goes back to entertaining. I had ample opportunity to sleep in, therefore ample opportunity to stay out late. Or stay up late even. And I didn’t take full advantage of it. But these days I consider it a sleep in to wake up naturally, without an alarm or someone waking me. I wish I took advantage of having minimal responsibilities the next day.

But again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Is there anything you wish you did before becoming a parent?
5 Things I Wish I Did Before Becoming A Parent 2



  1. Amanda at 10:08 pm - Reply

    I definitely wish my husband and I would Ha e traveled more. We travel with our kids but oh my goodness it is a completely different experience when you don’t have little ones to keep in mind.

  2. Marysa at 6:33 am - Reply

    We did a lot of traveling before we had kids. We also got in plenty of sleeping late, going out to eat, etc. but it still is a shock when that first baby arrives!

  3. Tiffani at 4:42 pm - Reply

    I completely get you. Although we did wait until our thirties to have children there were a couple things I wish we did.

  4. We had kids a little later than some (I was 32, my husband 35 when our first daughter was born), so we were able to do a lot of things we wanted to do before then. I do wish we had taken more ‘big trips’ though. Now we just plan to do them with the kids!

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