Here is the 2014 resolution final update of the original list that was my first ever blog post.

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Wear jeans less often – This has been much easier to do in the warmer weather, I’ve been able to wear skirts & dresses instead. I also got myself a new pair of black work pants & have been wearing those instead.

Read 100 books – I almost didn’t succeed in reading 100 books. Enter Goosebump books! I can now read a book from the Goosebumps series in about an hour & a half. I owe my success with the challenge this year to that series.

Create a blog & possibly a youtube channel – I haven’t been too great with the videos but there are a few floating around.

• Seriously consider further study – This hasn’t been in my thoughts much lately. It has been in the very back of my mind to do my Diploma of Accounting. As with the garden, it all comes down to time & money. This will probably go on next year’s list too.

Run 2km in 10 minutes – I got back on the running band wagon at the start of December. There’s a chance I might be able to achieve the next goal on the list before this one.

Run/jog 5km without having to slow to a walk – I’m making progress with this, I can now jog for about 3 minutes without stopping, it’s hard, but I can do it.

Write a letter to my nan at the end of every month – Quite sure I only did this in January & February. I’d like to start doing it again next year though. But I think I will have to write myself a little summary each week to remember any important things that happen.


Start saving – We have been saving to pay down some debts to try to get ahead. So not much actual saving has been going on, we are getting ahead though. We split our mortgage in July when the bank offered a great interest rate that we couldn’t pass up. So the mortgage is ahead by a bit more now.

• Garden more – I think we are finally almost happy with our front garden. Although, it has changed quite a bit since it was completed when we moved in. It has been quite a long work in progress, so long that we received a notification from the estate saying we were in breach of our contract (completed front garden within 6 months of handover from the builder) & we had 30 days to fix it. It all comes down to time & money. Spare time to devote to the hard labour of adding a retaining wall, shovelling dirt & rocks, selecting plants & keeping them alive. Money to buy said dirt, rocks & plants. But I think we are pretty happy with the result.
Move the office into a bedroom – Completed in April.

Continue to experiment in the kitchen with both sweet & savory foods – I’ve been pretty good with this. I make up about one thing a week & luckily most have been awesome. Have a look at the recipe tag to see some examples.

Meal plan – I haven’t been too great with this lately. Granted we have been eating a lot of steak (or other meat) with vegetables almost every night, so that doesn’t take much planning.

Stop using credit cards to pay for things – Out of all my goals this year, this is the one I am most proud of achieving. I did not purchase one thing on my credit card this year. And now that I haven’t used it for a whole year I don’t want to go back to using it again like before. I think I will keep it just for emergencies or big purchases.

Clean out the spare bedrooms – Um, this still hasn’t been done. We had to put another bed in one of the rooms in April when we had 4 people stay over after a wedding. The rooms do get tidied but everything went into the cupboards. Then when you need something, you pretty much have to pull everything out just to get to what you want. This will be carried forward to next year’s list now.


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