I have finally jumped on the Divergent bandwagon. I actually don’t think I’m that late either. Although, the best thing about being late to jump on the bandwagon is the remainder of the series has been published & I don’t have to wait to find out what’s next (besides waiting for it to be available at the library).

I picked this up from the library on Wednesday night, after waiting for a few months. (I currently have 3 books on hold at the library & another 6 checked out)
I only get a chance to read when I take my lunch break lately as my other time outside work is devoted to crochet & household duties at the moment. But of course, that may change if I am unable to put this book down!

I am only up to chapter 3 but like it enough to want to know what happens next. It’s always hard starting a new book; learning the characters, the setting, new words.


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