How to stop arguing about housework
When I think about the amount of time I have spent arguing with my husband about housework, I could have done a lot of other things instead. Like doing the things I was complaining about. I was honestly tired of having the same conversations, about the same things all the time. And I never set out to stop arguing about housework. but then one day it just dawned on me.

If something is important to me, then I should be the one to do it.

Since that realisation, I have wiped down the kitchen bench at least once a day. I have cleaned my stove. And I must confess that I have probably only cleaned my stove twice in the two years that we have lived here. I have also been cleaning the bathroom and toilets more regularly.

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I was so proud of my realisation that I sent a message to my friend that has also been cleaning my house. She was very impressed.

So if it’s important to you that the dished be put away, then you should put them away. If it’s important to you that the washing is hung out when the machine is finished, you should hang out the washing, If it’s important to you that you eat nutritious food, you should do the grocery shopping and the cooking.

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So I’ve taken it on board to do what is important to me. I have stopped arguing with my husband about housework because I know it isn’t important to him. And at the end of the day, those things that are important to me really don’t take long to do. It takes less than a minute to wipe down the bench. It takes less than five minutes to put away the dishes. And doing laundry is my favourite chore, so I just do it.
So if you’d like to stop arguing about housework, think about what is important to you.

How I Stopped Fighting With My Husband About Housework


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