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Kathleen is the adventurous writer behind Life by Kathleen. After welcoming her first child, she realised the importance of nurturing and enhancing her friendships. Dedicated to supporting women in improving, maintaining, or problem-solving in their friendships, she shares insights on achieving personal goals while navigating motherhood and household responsibilities.

26 different kinds of friends we all need in life


The kinds of friends you have throughout your life can be so varied. I've put together a list featuring each letter of the alphabet that represents the different types of friends in life. In my social circle of about 10 good friends, I know I can attribute each one of these letters to a friend. And I know which ones I'd pick for myself, but I wonder if my friends would agree?  Do I need different kinds of friends? Different people add different things to your life. They play a variety of different roles and sometimes cater to the different [...]

26 different kinds of friends we all need in life2024-05-10T16:23:58+10:00

Why setting easy goals is the secret to goal setting success


You don't need to wait to set new year's resolutions to start on a new goal. And it's ok if you choose an easy goal. After all, easy goals can lay the groundwork for the more challenging ones. And, not all goals need to take months or years to accomplish. Some can be done in a matter of days. And those easy goals can quickly help you gain momentum towards something more significant. Easy goals don’t always start out easy In August last year, I set myself a goal of drinking one litre of water daily.  Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong. You may be wondering why I set [...]

Why setting easy goals is the secret to goal setting success2024-03-22T11:34:43+11:00

15+ easy habits you can start building today


Easy habits, simple habits or micro habits. Whatever you want to call them, they can make a big impact on your overall health. Whether you want more or less of something, there are plenty of easy habits to start today. Take these examples of small habits that you can add to your daily routine to lay the groundwork for a more mindful, purposeful, and fulfilling life. These small changes, when practiced consistently, have the power to transform your daily experience, enhance your relationships, and bring you closer to your personal goals. 15+ easy habits you can start building today 1. [...]

15+ easy habits you can start building today2024-03-22T11:33:31+11:00

How different types of goals help you achieve success


I've done a lot of work on goal setting lately. And I've discovered there are a few different types of goals. And the type of goal can be broken down to make sure your goals are a success. So, there are a few different ways to classify goals. And I like to break them into two main categories, then break those down further based on a timeframe. The first goal types are bucket list goals and habit goals. The second type is long-term goals and short-term goals. Bucket List vs. Habit Goals Bucket list goals are the ones that you want to check [...]

How different types of goals help you achieve success2024-05-06T16:16:02+10:00

What to do when mom friends exclude you from the group


Having mom friends can make navigating motherhood a much easier and enjoyable experience. Filling you with shared laughter, support during tough times, and cherished memories. Yet, when your new friends or your close group of mom friends leave you out, it hurts. Feeling excluded by people you thought understood you can be difficult and upsetting.  Let's take a look at some strategies for handling situations where you might be the excluded mom or a friend is shut out of a mom group. And what you can do to navigate this personal experience. Signs of Exclusion The signs of exclusion in any social circle can manifest in various subtle yet hurtful ways. It [...]

What to do when mom friends exclude you from the group2024-04-08T12:59:44+10:00

How to make and keep friends as a young adult


Being a young adult can make finding (and keeping) friends challenging. Everyone you know will be in a different life stage. Whether you've just finished school, still studying, started working, or become a parent, building real connections is important.  The good news is there are lots of tips and helpful advice to help you make friends that stick around, no matter what life throws at you. Why making friends matters During the transformative phase of young adulthood, building a supportive network of friends that provide companionship, understanding, and a sense of belonging can help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties [...]

How to make and keep friends as a young adult2024-04-18T16:55:18+10:00

Why you should change your goals to achieve them and how


Can you say that you are completely satisfied with the way you are working towards your goals? Hopefully, continuing to strive for the goals that you’ve set is bringing you joy and filling you with purpose. But, maybe it’s not. Maybe you feel a bit lost and unsure. Perhaps you were being too ambitious when you first started setting goals. Or maybe your life has changed in a way that you didn’t expect, like losing your job or having a breakup. Sometimes we just have to yell pivot like we’re in a 90s sitcom and start in a new direction. via [...]

Why you should change your goals to achieve them and how2024-01-11T13:39:46+11:00

Developing a positive attitude for goals to achieve success


Developing a confident attitude toward goals can set you up for success right from the beginning. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your health, or be more relaxed, developing a positive mental attitude toward goals can give you better outcomes and greater chances of success. A positive attitude is not just forcing a smile through gritted teeth in the hopes of feeling better. It is something a lot more profound than that. When we adopt a positive attitude, we are using the power of our mind to remove thoughts and ideas that are no longer helping us to [...]

Developing a positive attitude for goals to achieve success2024-05-24T18:09:59+10:00

10 of the best traits and qualities of a good friend


A good friend can be hard to come by, especially when you are an adult. But there are a few qualities to look out for to ensure your new friendship will continue to blossom. There are a number of characteristics that set genuine friends apart from potential fake friends. So what makes a good friend? You might have many acquaintances and a handful of friends. But only the best of the best get to be called good friends. So what sets these amazingly great friends apart from all of your casual friends?  Some of the benefits that we get out of strong [...]

10 of the best traits and qualities of a good friend2024-02-23T12:16:04+11:00

How to use the different love languages in your friendships


Each person has their own primary love language, which is the way they feel most loved and appreciated. Understanding your friends' love languages can help you communicate your love and appreciation in a way that they will truly understand and appreciate. By understanding and speaking your friends' love languages, you can deepen your friendships and show your appreciation in a way that really resonates with them. What are Love Languages? Do you ever feel like you and your friends are not on the same wavelength when it comes to expressing love and appreciation? This is where the concept of love [...]

How to use the different love languages in your friendships2024-04-08T12:46:49+10:00

How to cultivate amazing and meaningful friendships


I always complained to my husband that I never had any close friendships, even in high school. He said that I would make friends with the other school mums when our kids were at school. And let me tell you, that was a long time for me to have to wait.So I chose not to wait for those friends to appear in my life. I decided to do things to become closer to the people I already knew.  And now I have a group of about 10 women that I am really great friends with. And a few of those I consider [...]

How to cultivate amazing and meaningful friendships2023-10-27T17:47:20+11:00

French Onion Potato Bake that tastes better the next day


This is the best potato bake that I have ever had. Although if I’m totally honest, I haven’t tried too many. There are many iterations of this recipe around the internet. And I think each person does something different to make it their own. Many recipes call for potato slices arranged in layers of potatoes or are a variation of au gratin. It is an absolute miracle when there are leftovers, it's that good. And somehow it tastes even better when it's reheated the next day. Just add a little shredded cheese But whenever I make it everyone loves it [...]

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The best ways make adult friends in a new city


Moving to a new city as an adult can be both exhilarating and challenging. And one of the most significant hurdles is establishing a social circle in unfamiliar territory. The sense of leaving behind established friendships can be daunting, but forming new connections is important for personal growth and building a broader support network. Here, we'll walk through practical steps and strategies to help you smoothly navigate this transition and make meaningful connections in your new community. Acknowledging the Initial Hurdles It's entirely normal to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when embarking on any new chapter of your [...]

The best ways make adult friends in a new city2024-05-03T12:10:35+10:00

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox


Life can get hard sometimes. So I have a bunch of things in what I call my mental health toolbox. They are all tasks I have used in the past to help lift my mood, motivate me and instil a little extra confidence. It’s unfortunate, but I need to say this. I have no qualifications when it comes to mental health, so this is all just my opinion and experience. And so many of the things in this article are not for everybody. So my advice to you is to just take what you need and be open to new [...]

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox2024-03-14T11:59:44+11:00
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