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Kathleen is the adventurous writer behind Life by Kathleen. After welcoming her first child, she realised the importance of nurturing and enhancing her friendships. Dedicated to supporting women in improving, maintaining, or problem-solving in their friendships, she shares insights on achieving personal goals while navigating motherhood and household responsibilities.

Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian


Part self-help book, part memoir and part diet and exercise guide, Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian provides practical advice and personal anecdotes in this inspiring book. I had to wait a little while for Strong Looks Better Naked to become available at the library. But I didn't mind waiting. I get an email notification when something is ready for me to collect, which is one of the reasons why I love my library. The book features three parts. Each covers a specific area of your life; body, mind, and heart. If you’re not excited about your life, it’s up to you [...]

Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian2024-03-14T11:26:05+11:00

The 12 most common goal setting mistakes to avoid


Setting and achieving goals can give your life direction and purpose. But there are a number of common goal-setting mistakes that can keep your efforts from being fruitful. So if your goals are leaving you feeling uninspired and like you’re not making any progress, you might be making one or more of these mistakes. The most common goal setting mistakes Some of the biggest mistakes we can make when it comes to downs to the goal setting process. Let's dive into 12 of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to setting goals. You’re setting too many goals Your [...]

The 12 most common goal setting mistakes to avoid2023-08-03T12:03:42+10:00

3 Ingredient Homemade Tim Tam Ice Cream


I have spent most of June and July using up all the items we had in the fridge, freezer and pantry since we started using the cash envelope system. We have used up a lot of items with the help of Pinterest and Google. But one item had me stumped. Condensed Milk. I knew that I could make fudge using the condensed milk but that felt a little too boring. Once again I found myself browsing recipes on Pinterest and I came across homemade ice cream.  All of the recipes seemed easy enough, using minimal ingredients. And it didn't take [...]

3 Ingredient Homemade Tim Tam Ice Cream2024-02-23T12:13:16+11:00

The best and most thoughtful housewarming gift ideas


My friends have just finished building their first home and have finally moved into their new house. That in itself is a major milestone. Then they have to furnish all areas of the house from the living room to the new kitchen. I know when I moved into my new place we had to do a massive trip to the supermarket to get everything we needed from cleaning supplies to fresh food. The best housewarming gift ideas The best housewarming gifts are practical, useful and suit the taste of the recipient. And sometimes it can be hard to find something [...]

The best and most thoughtful housewarming gift ideas2024-07-18T11:39:43+10:00

How to Find your Purpose with Personality Tests


I am currently in the throws of finding my purpose. I’m not sure I ever had one but it’s been a pretty constant theme appearing every month or so for the last year. Perhaps purpose should be my word of the year? But learning more about yourself through personality tests can shed some light and help you find your purpose. I’ll include my results in each one! What is a personality test? A personality test is a psychological assessment tool that is designed to evaluate and measure various traits, characteristics, and patterns of your personality.  The tests typically consist of a series [...]

How to Find your Purpose with Personality Tests2023-11-01T18:44:30+11:00

Looking after your mental health during winter


One of the biggest things I struggled with over the winter during the pandemic was my mental health. And I know I can't be alone in this. Being at home pretty much every day with my whole family was quite tough. There have been a lot of memes going around about extroverts. I say take a moment to consider introverts. They are the ones stuck at home with their families with nowhere to escape for some recharge time! Why is winter hard for mental health? While not everyone experiences challenges for their mental health during the winter, it can be [...]

Looking after your mental health during winter2024-05-06T16:21:42+10:00

Celebrate Her With the Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas


Every birthday is a cause for celebration, but some milestones deserve an extra special touch. Turning 30 is undeniably one of those remarkable moments in a woman's life. It marks the transition from the carefree twenties to a new chapter filled with growth, self-discovery, and embracing adulthood. As friends, partners, or family members, we want to make sure the birthday girl feels cherished and loved on this momentous occasion. Finding the perfect gift for a woman turning 30 can be both exciting and challenging. It's a milestone birthday and it's a big deal. You want to choose something that reflects [...]

Celebrate Her With the Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas2024-07-18T11:42:34+10:00

Ginger Shortbread


I love shortbread, even better when it’s homemade. I love that some are slightly different shapes. Some are different colours. And more often than not, the thickness really varies. Since discovering this ginger shortbread recipe, I have made it so many times and it’s always a massive hit. This is one of my favourite cookie recipes, as it combines shortbread and gingerbread. Both are traditional Christmas treats in my house. They are perfect to give out as a holiday cookie, I just wrap a few in some cellophane with a ribbon. And one batch makes around 50 pieces, so there’s [...]

Ginger Shortbread2023-07-07T09:39:18+10:00

Red flags and toxic friendship: what to look out for


Some friendships last and some don’t. And sometimes a friend literally becomes a family member. But there is a saying that goes something like there are three friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. And I think that holds true. Just like relationship red flags, friendship red flags can be subjective. So here are some clues that will help you determine where your unhealthy friendships might be heading. The way you feel after spending time with them I have one friend who I have been friends with for 10+ years. But I [...]

Red flags and toxic friendship: what to look out for2024-05-10T16:19:30+10:00

How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Weekend as a Busy Mom


Moms are often seen as the pillars of strength in families, but we often forget to take care of ourselves. Even though also taking care of yourself is an important part of being a parent, many of us struggle to find the time or resources to take care of our own needs. Common obstacles that prevent moms from taking care of themselves include: lack of time financial constraints lack of support from family members and friends feeling guilty for putting yourself first lack of energy to do more And with limited resources available, many moms are left feeling overwhelmed by [...]

How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Weekend as a Busy Mom2024-05-03T12:14:58+10:00

How one declutter challenge helped me get rid of 465 things


I don’t know about you, but I have tried so many decluttering challenges. Every man and their dog seems to have one. I’m no expert, but I have seen a few episodes of that Marie Kondo show on Netflix and I listen to a podcast that is all about decluttering. But when I found this challenge I knew it was something I could achieve. This one decluttering challenge claimed it would help me get rid of at least 465 things in 30 days. I learned about this challenge through Shelley from Let’s Live and Learn’s Instagram account. Four Hundred and sixty-five is no small [...]

How one declutter challenge helped me get rid of 465 things2024-05-06T16:10:29+10:00

Score Big Savings: How to Get the Most Out of Lush Sales


Every year in Australia, Lush holds Boxing Day Sales starting on the British holiday of Boxing Day. The last few years have seen 50% off Christmas and other leftover holiday stock. With 2017 offering in-store-only discounts, I expect future years to be the same. I got really lucky to visit a store in 2017. I was interstate on holiday and certainly not expecting to come across a Lush handmade cosmetics store. What is Lush Cosmetics? For those of you that lived under the same rock I did until about 2016,  Lush is a global cosmetics retailer. Lush is known for [...]

Score Big Savings: How to Get the Most Out of Lush Sales2023-06-25T14:10:06+10:00

The Bloody Long Walk


Towards the end of August of 2014, one of my colleagues suggested we do The Bloody Long Walk. A few others agreed and I also got roped into it. What is the Bloody Long Walk? The Bloody Long Walk is a 35 km walk created by the Mito Foundation. Its goal is to raise vital funds to cure Mitochondrial Disease, a debilitating and sometimes fatal genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing major organs to dysfunction or fail and can be a fatal disease. At least one Australian child is born with this debilitating genetic disorder each week. [...]

The Bloody Long Walk2023-07-11T13:07:27+10:00

The Secrets to Maintaining Adult Friendships


Maintaining adult friendships can be difficult. It’s not like high school, where you see each other every day. You actually have to put in some effort to keep them alive. I guess you could say adult friendships are like plants. You need to care for them. A little bit of this and a little bit of that to keep things just right. So here are my top secrets to maintaining adult friendships. The benefits of friendship Friendships play a crucial role in our overall well-being and happiness. And that doesn’t change in adulthood. They provide us with a social support [...]

The Secrets to Maintaining Adult Friendships2024-05-06T16:17:31+10:00
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