2016 ReviewAnother year has come to an end, so it’s time to do the 2016 review. Here is a review of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Check out the original posts 2016 Goals.


  • Read – Rather than actually reading the books on my to-read list, I reevaluated it. I read the synopsis of each book on the list to decided if I really wanted to read it. Lots of books didn’t make the cut & I’m ok with it. My current to-read list has 35 books.
  • Make different things for dinner – I think I had mild success with this. I didn’t feel like I was eating the same stuff all the time. It did help that I started buying frozen mixed vegetables rather than having fresh or frozen individual vegetables, so much easier!
  • Be a better person – I have paid much closer attention to being a better person in the second half of this year. I am much closer to my immediate family & than I ever have been. I’ve also put more effort into being a better friend by putting myself out there a bit more & rather than talking about myself, asking about their lives. I also think I’ve been a kick-ass employee!
  • Grow this blog – I’ve started to do a few different things to improve this blog. I’ve added a watermark to my pictures, featured images to posts & installed an SEO plugin. I still have a long way to go & lots of old posts to edit but it’s getting there.
  • Write – The only thing I have written this year is well wishes on birthday cards! I guess can’t think of any amazing ideas although I’m sure not all stories start with an amazing idea. I did create a new Pinterest board for writing prompts & different words to use.
  • Build another website – After some research, the idea I had already existed in several forms. I know I could have got it going but after the research, I put it into the too hard basket.
  • Empty the sink – Although this idea was pretty lame I did make an effort to empty the sink each night. Hopefully, this has been the beginning of a new habit.


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