2016 GoalsI know it is quite a bit late for me to be sharing my 2016 goals but I had a good long, hard think about them this time. There were a few on last years list that I didn’t complete but I don’t want to repeat those again.


  • Read – I have a bunch of books that have been sitting in my to-read list for quite a while. I have already put about 20 of these on suspended hold at the library so I have no excuse! The majority of the books are business or business biography.
  • Make different things for dinner – I usually stick to the standard meat & three vegetable theme that I was brought up on as a kid. We often have steak, sausages, frozen fish, chicken schnitzel & meat pie. I want to move away from those standard, predictable & often boring meals.
  • Be a better person – I think I was a bit selfish last year & I probably wasn’t there for those that needed me last year. I want to be a better wife, family member, friend & employee this year.
  • Grow this blog – I want to share a variety of things that include reviews, recipes, tips, health & fitness, as well as everyday life things. It will also mean that I have to put more effort into planning & writing posts.
  • Write – Since I was in primary school I have wanted to write a book. Since then I have actually spent more time reading books than writing anything. This also includes writing book reviews. I’m not very good at this, I tend to give away way too much information.
  • Build another website – I’ve had an idea for quite a while on what I’d like to do & all of the content it will need. The biggest issue I am having with it is the name. Without a name, I can’t get a domain name, which means nowhere to put the website!
  • Empty the sink – This one is actually pretty lame. But I am very much over having dirty dishes in the sink. So I plan to clean everything that’s in the sink or put it in the dishwasher before going to bed. Who knows, I might actually start cleaning the empty sink out too!

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