Things I did in 2019

So much for 19 for 2019. It was more like 14 in 2019 for me. Which isn’t too bad really. But at the same time, I did pick relatively easy items, that were once-off type things.

19 for 2019

○ Have a legal will drawn up – I have enquired about this. But I left it a bit late in the year for it to fit into the budget around the end of the year. It’s certainly something that will get done in the first half of next year.

○ Transfer house ownership – We are still debating whether we need to do this.

● Skin check – I booked this one quite early on because I knew it would be easy to accomplish. I have a few areas to keep an eye on but the doctor said to get myself rechecked in 4-5 years.

● Clean out plastics cupboard – Something that I had been putting off for ages and it only took me 20 minutes.

● Get my hair cut by a hairdresser – I went for the big chop on October 4 and my hair was long enough to donate, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

● Fix the blind in the spare bedroom so it works properly – Funny story. I didn’t realise the barrel of the blinds could be different sizes. And of course, I bought the wrong size. So ordered the correct size on Amazon and now it works.

○ Get some more professional-looking photos of myself – In all honesty, I didn’t want to pay for better photos. I was hoping my husband could take them with his phone but I never organised it.

● Take sensitive paperwork to get shredded – I decided to shred these papers at work in the shredder. And I’ve added the shredded paper to my compost bin.

● Get new glasses – I went to the optometrist back in May but didn’t order glasses until September. I tried to save myself some money and ordered them online from Zenni. I got one pair of prescription glasses and one pair of prescription sunglasses delivered for less than $100.

○ Read 20 adult books – I only started focussing on reading again in the last few months of the year. So I’m not surprised that I didn’t reach 20 books. On top of these, I also read a few manifestos and short stories, but since they are less than 100 pages I don’t think I can count them. There were a few books that I did not finish as well.

○ Squad weekend away – Not surprising, it’s difficult to organise a time and place for 10 adults to get away for the night. We had enough trouble planning our squad Christmas party!

● Take a DNA test to find out more about my ancestry – I managed to do this one quite early in the year too. I was quite surprised by the results!

● Attend a local business meetup – I went to a few. I went to the Ultimate Ladies Day hosted by Mama Loves to Share,  Blogging for Biz workshop hosted by Katie Jones and High-Performance Entrepreneur hosted by Tina Biro.

● Watch Lord of the Rings trilogy – I watched the first film in the series in June and really struggled. I’m not really interested in it but it ended in a way that makes me need to watch the rest of the series. I watched the second one in August and the final instalment in December.

● Take a yoga class – I joined a gym in late September and my membership includes lots of different classes; toga being one of them. I did my first yoga class on October 3 and in the week before Christmas, I went to 3 yoga classes.

● Visit a local winery – For Mother’s Day, we had lunch at T’Gallant in Main Ridge.

● Have a massage – Is it cheating because my brother is doing a Diploma of Massage Therapy and needs a certain amount of hours by the end of the year? Free massage count: 8.

● Stay overnight somewhere I haven’t been before – In November we drove to Sydney via Canberra for an engagement party. We stayed in Canberra for the night to break up the drive.

● See a movie at the cinema – My husband and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody on Valentine’s Day.

How many of my 19 in 2019 did I complete?

I feel a bit deflated after seeing how many items I am still yet to complete. And because of this, I’ve decided not to attempt 20 in 2020. And since I fell quite short on my words for 2019, I’m using 2020 to really focus on my word.

If you’re still reading, here are the books I did read: How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup, Your Dream Life Starts Here by Kristina Karlsson, I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Outer Order Inner Calm by Gretchen Ruben, Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup, Born For This by Chris Guillebeau, After the Party by Cassie Hamer, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson, Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, Get Your Shi*t Together by Sarah Knight.


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