leaning tower of Pisa text overlay: Reverse Bucket List

Eiffel Tower. text overlay: Reverse Bucket List

A reverse bucket list is a bucket list of the items I have already completed. Of course, this isn’t the extensive list, I do like to keep a few things to myself! In case you missed it, there are still quite a few items on my bucket list.

Reverse Bucket List

  • Gamble in Las Vegas – I managed to win about $90 after only putting in $3 (2013)
  • Buy a real Louis Vuitton bag – I saved up to buy a Multicolore Speedy 30 in white (Champs Elysée, France 2011)
  • Ride around London in a double-decker bus (2011)
  • Eat pizza, pasta & gelato in Italy – I don’t know who would go to Italy & not have any of these (Venice, Rome, Florence 2011)
  • Go white water rafting – it was so cold! (Inn River, Austria 2011)
  • Buy a brand new car – I am technically the first owner of the car, although is had 6,000km on the clock (2010)
  • Crochet a granny square afghan – I made the Spotlight Krista throw. Spotlight released a square a week. (2013)
  • Have my photo in a major newspaper (2011)
  • Ride in a helicopter – my first helicopter ride was the day I got engaged & I’ve had a few more since (2011)
  • See the Pope at the Vatican City – The Pope can bless items that you have purchased and send them back to your hotel (Vatican City 2011)
  • Buy a Burberry trench coat – I am so glad I bought a good coat. It was absolutely necessary to have a coat of some kind in New York City in November. (Honolulu, USA 2013)
  • Own a cashmere sweater – now that I have had it dry cleaned I have barely worn it (Honolulu, USA 2013)

If you’re looking for things to add to your bucket list bucketlist.org has thousands of ideas. You can even keep track of your goals as well as get inspired by others sharing similar goals.

What have you completed from your bucket list?


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