Quest Bar CookiesI have read so many great things about Quest bars but have never actually seen them at the shops. So when I finally saw them I knew I had to get a box, or two!
According to the internet, you can eat a quest bar in many different ways. And it appears making them into Quest bar cookies is the way to go.
So I was craving something sweet but wanted it to still be better for me than a mug cake. A bit of googling later, I decided to make Quest bar cookies. I also researched some hashtags on Instagram and browsed Pinterest. But in the end, I decided that I could wing it.

Quest Bar Cookies

There really isn’t much to it. Here are the steps I took:

    1. Pick a flavour
    2. Attempt to roll it out flat
  1. Cut into pieces, as big or small as you like
  2. Bake for 10 minutes at 180°c

I was surprised that they puffed up a bit and actually looked like square cookies. It’s best to eat them fresh out of the oven because they go a bit hard once they have cooled.

life by kathleen quest cookies


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