Have you ever wondered about what is manifestation and how to manifest things? I know I have. And the truth is that you can manifest just about anything and in every aspect of your life. It all comes down to learning about the powerful tool that is your mind. Narrow it down with a few actionable steps by harnessing the power of your thoughts. And next thing you know you are practising the art of manifesting and living out your wildest dreams.

What is manifestation?

In short, manifestation is the law of attraction. It’s the practice of thinking certain positive thoughts in order to make them your reality. By having a clear vision of what you want, and using one or more methods below, you can manifest almost anything.

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Some things you might need on your manifestation journey:

  • a notebook or journal or vision board (for the practical exercises)
  • an open mind
  • a bit of hard work
  • a desire for personal growth
  • ability to leave your comfort zone
  • to be ready to take control of your life

And the best part is, you can manifest absolutely anything you want. You can manifest a car, a new job, a partner. You can even manifest friends.

Where to get manifestation books

The best law of attraction books can be found anywhere you find books. But that’s not the only place to get self-improvement books.

  • book shops
  • online book stores
  • Amazon
  • your local library
  • online marketplaces
  • borrow from friends and family

How to read manifestation books

I find I get the most value out of self-help books when I actually read them. I’ve listened to many audiobooks in the past. But having a physical copy would be so beneficial. I could go back and read sections again. I’m not one for taking notes, but I’d take notes and dog-ear the best manifestation books until they didn’t look like books anymore. I suppose that’s the downside to listening to audiobooks while you drive!

Listening to the audiobook version is also a great way to dip your feet in the water on a new topic. It can introduce new ideas without being too full on that you get overwhelmed. Plus if you use a service like Audible, all of your audiobooks are ready to go back to, when you are.

    So here’s to the good things, good vibrations and all-around good vibes.

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