26 different kinds of friends
The kinds of friends you have throughout your life can be so varied. I’ve put together a list featuring each letter of the alphabet that represents a kind of friend. In my close group of about 10 friends, I know I can attribute each one of these letters to a friend. And I know which ones I’d pick for myself, but I wonder if my friends would agree? 


The athlete is good at many sports and most likely has a competitive streak. She can beat you at your own game, even if it’s her first time. Naturally fast reflexes, surprisingly flexible and maddeningly toned, you know you’ll probably lose against her, but it’s always fun to try new things.


The Bookworm is an avid reader and will always divulge the deets of her current read. She’s also great for recommending a good move. After all, most movies are based on books anyway.


The cook is the best cook of the bunch. You always want her to bring things when you get together, and you know which dishes are her best. Jalapeno cobb loaf, I’m looking at you.


The dancer puts everyone to shame when you go out for a night of dancing. She may or may not have formal training, but she sure does have the moves like Jagger.


With the environment, climate change, and the impact of single-use plastic on her mind, she is a wealth of information.


Full of funny one-liners, great jokes, and wit beyond measure. Your funny friend will have you cry-laughing more often than not.


She appears to have it all. A handsome partner. A high flying career. Designer stuff. Not to mention the makeup that’s always on fleek.
26 kinds of friends every woman has


Yep. There is always one. Hugs hello. Hugs goodbye. And hugs you when you look sad or made a bad joke. Her other skill includes knowing who is and isn’t a hugger.


Always the one to start something. A trend. An adventure. An argument. A game of truth or dare that nobody can win. The instigator is also usually the reason you all catch up; someone has to get the party started!


The joker is always up for a laugh, especially at someone else’s expense. They are pulling practical jokes, scaring people, and are all part of the joker’s way of life.


You might not know straight up which one of your friends fits into this category. It might take a game of Never Have I Ever to bring her out into the open. But when you find her, she will be the cause of numerous questions and hours of giggles.


Designer bag? Check. An International holiday every year? Check. European car? Check. This friend might like her money where she can see it, hanging in her closet.


The motivator is the type of friend that is always ready to share some wisdom. Either in the form of a quote or some real-life experience. And sometimes you will get some motivation whether you like it or not. Their heart is in the right place but can come off as a bit pushy sometimes.

Nature Lover

Often seen with bare feet, the nature lover can be spotted outside. Whether they’re out for a bush walk or just soaking up the sun in their own backyard.


She’s worked hard for what she’s got, so she shows it off. She might not be intending to rub it in, but sometimes comes off that way. She is often insensitive to a few topics like money, parenthood, and working hard.


The preacher knows what’s right and wants you to know too. She thinks her views are more important than yours and tries to change your mind. Not all preacher friends are bad though, they are great for heated discussions.


It takes a while to get to know the quiet friend, especially if you are in a group of 4 or more. The quiet one prefers smaller groups, where the conversation is easier to manage. She becomes quiet in larger groups, not knowing when to add to the conversation.
26 Kinds of friends


We all have that one friend that is just a little bit rubbish. Or maybe really rubbish. Rubbish at returning phone calls or texts and is constantly unreliable. Sometimes your not sure why you are still friends with this person. Then they go and do something amazing, redeeming themselves for a little while.


The seasoned friend might be older or had quite a life before you met. She knows a lot about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the other sex, family, and all-around adulting.


She can talk for hours. Trying to get off the phone to her, you might need just to hang up. This one can have a conversation with a brick wall and talk underwater all at the same time.


The unicorn friend is a rare breed. They are a combination of all the things that make a great friend. Easy to talk to, full of great advice, always make you feel special, and know the right things to say. They are also a little bit magical.


A new word for me. A vociferous person is loud and boisterous. Do they have a mute button? No. They don’t even have a volume button. They are loud, obnoxious, and often just plain annoying.


Your wild friend always delivers a great time, but sometimes there is a cost. A hangover. An injury. Some explaining to do to your housemate or partner. There may even be a bet involved.


Another new word I recently added to my repertoire. The Xenodochial is that one friend talks to and makes friends with strangers. She is the one most likely to make a new friend in the bathroom at the club.


Not necessarily the youngest, but they sure seem it sometimes. They also keep you young with the latest trends in fashion and social media.


Nothing phases her, and she can go with the flow, wherever it takes her. She often has a solution for you little problems and offers insights you never even thought of.

How many of these describe you? Do you know exactly which of your friends is a talker, book worm or motivator?

26 different kinds of friends every woman has

26 kinds of friends in a group


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