The Best Declutter Challenge
I don’t know about you, but I have tried so many decluttering challenges. Every man and their dog seems to have one. I’m no expert, but I have seen a few episodes of that Marie Kondo show on Netflix and I listen to a podcast that is all about decluttering. But when I found this challenge I knew it was something I could achieve. This one decluttering challenged claimed it would help me get rid of at least 465 things in 30 days.

I learned about this challenge through Shelley from Let’s Live and Learn’s Instagram account.

Now, that’s a lot of things. Do I even own that many things? I’m sure I do. Like, right now I can see eight bars of wax melts next to my computer screen.
So I decided to take up the challenge. One item per day for a whole month, plus an extra item each day. So one item on the first day, two items on the second day, three items on the third day. You get the idea.
I had to cheat a little bit though. There is no way I was going to find the time or energy to find a bunch of things after working, cooking and cleaning. So I got smart. I went through a few areas that I knew would give me quick wins at the start, also helping me get ahead.
I took 11 items out of my bookshelf. A bag of makeup gave me 19 unopened items to donate. My pantry also offered up a few unexpired items that I wasn’t planning to let go of just yet.

Before I’d even started, I also decided that I would keep track of what I throw away, donate and sell/giveaway. At the start, a lot of it was going in the bin. Which made me quite sad.
I listed a lot of things on Facebook marketplace, mostly for free. But unfortunately, I was stuffed around a few times with people not picking up their items.

So I ended up selling 25 items, throwing out 133 items and donating 307 items. And that doesn’t include the bag of stuff that already I had to donate that made its way to our storage space!

Decluttering 465 things in one month

To ensure your success with any kind of decluttering, the best advice is to get it out of your house to its destination as soon as possible. I know that is the hardest part. So during this declutter challenge, I dropped off donations roughly every week.

I will definitely be completing this declutter challenge again. But perhaps I will spread it out and do it every three or so months.


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