fireworks 2017 goals
Once again, I’ve had a good long hard think about my 2017 goals. There were a few on last years list that I didn’t complete but I don’t want to repeat those again.


Read – This year I’d like to complete a Popsugar reading challenge. I always find out about it too late but I’ve come across the 2017 challenge already. You can see the Popsugar article about the challenge here.

Actually, take a lunch break – I really need to get away from my desk & computer when I eat lunch. This includes when I am at the office & when I’m at home. I often eat breakfast infant of the computer too.

Grow this blog – There are still a lot of edits I need to make to my old posts. I’ve also got a giant list of blog ideas, plus a Pinterest board full.

Sewing – I have had some material to make myself a singlet sitting around for about 6 months now. If I don’t pull my finger out & make it soon I will have to wait until next summer to wear it. Whenever I go out to weddings or parties I’m more interested in what other people are wearing. I try to deconstruct pieces of clothing so I can make them later.

Financial – I don’t have a specific financial goal yet but I know I want to try to get a bit further ahead.

Have a bath – A bath is a great way for me to relax & enjoy some ‘me time’. Plus after the Boxing Day sale, I’ve got a stack of baths bombs to try!

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Challenge myself – This one is inspired by the juice cleanse article I recently read on the Food Network’s Snapchat. I’d like to test my willpower & determination. I’d like to do something everything for a month. Some ideas I have are:
no bread/pasta/ice cream/chocolate/coffee/takeaway food etc
no TV
go vegetarian
drink only water
drink at least 2 litres of water
go for a walk
100 squats/push ups/sit ups etc
I will add links if I end up doing any of these!

Running – This didn’t actually make last year’s list because I was tired of not succeeding. But it’s back & I like to think I’m being reasonable this time. Starting off slow to get myself back into it I want to spend January going for a walk roughly every second day. Then I should be a bit fitter than I currently am & will start running. I’ve attempted the Couch to 5k program several times & I’m determined to complete it. I’ve been considering the idea of setting myself a kilometre goal. But to do 1,000km I would need to average 2.7km per day. I’ll aim for 500km then see how things are progressing after 6 months. The 500km can be made up of walking, running or cycling.


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