Here is the 2014 resolution update of the original list that was my first ever blog post. I think I’m safe to say I’m on track with about half of them.


  • Wear jeans less often – I’m not doing so well with this now the weather is colder now. Maybe I need to get some more pairs of other pants.
  • Read 100 books – I am a little behind on this but still on track enough to read all 100 books.
  • Create a blog & possibly a youtube channel – The blog has moved from blogger to a .com
  • Seriously consider further study – I have been thinking about this but I don’t think the timing is right just yet.
  • Run 2km in 10 minutes – Again, the weather has been hindering this but I have been taking Harley for a walk as often as I can.
  • Run/jog 5km without having to slow to a walk – See above
  • Write a letter to my nan at the end of every month – I have only done this once, at the beginning of February to describe the month of January. I have been to see her a few times though & call her about once a month.


  • Start saving – This is not a priority at the moment as we are focusing on paying down debt as that is a priority.
  • Garden more – Again, with the weather it’s hard to get outside, let alone get wet & muddy.
  • Move the office into a bedroom – Done back in April. It certainly is a lot more private in here now!
  • Continue to experiment in the kitchen with both sweet & savory foods – You need only look at my ‘recipe‘ category to see the progress on this.
  • Meal plan – I started off really well with this but have become quite slack lately. It’s hard to make sure we decide what we want in advance & take it out of the freezer. We have a few go to meals that are freezer to oven to table in about half an hour.
  • Stop using credit cards to pay for things – I am doing fantastic with this! The last actual purchase made on my credit card was on December 24 2013. The account has had $0 owing since February 11 2014.
  • Clean out the spare bedrooms – That junk room got tidied very quickly when we had house guests from interstate & the other side of the city stay with us. Unfortunately both the wardrobes are piled high with the stuff we had to hide. I’m confident we can clean them out by the end of the year.

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