How I use Spare Change

How I use Spare Change

Although it is incredibly rare that I have cash to spend, I like to hang on to any spare change I get. Any coins are considered to be spare change. I like to keep them in two zip lock bags, one for gold (one & two dollars) & one for silver (fifty, twenty, ten & five cents).

The main use I have for the gold coins is to pay for any parking. I regularly see a client in the city & need to pay for parking while I am there. Honestly I could park on the street for free & move my car every few hours, but I am too lazy to do that. Plus, it could be raining, or cold, or no spaces left when I need to move it, or worse still, I could forget altogether & end up with a parking fine. And that fine costs about twelve times more than the parking! I try to keep enough money for 2 trips to this client in my coin purse. It also means that if something else come up, I have a small amount of change on me at any given time.

I have been quite lucky though. The ticket machines have been upgraded & will also take card payments. That really comes in handy when I forget to top up my coin purse.

Other uses

Occasionally I use the gold coins for the self-service car wash.

For the last 2 years I have donated all my silver coins when I host the Biggest Morning Tea. It means I get rid of all my really small change & it goes to a good cause. I also have to go to the bank in order to deposit the money into the charity’s account, so it goes full circle: I get change from a shop. I put it in the bank when I donate it. Shops order change from the bank to give to their customers.