island text overlay The 5 Things I Want To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With

When I was in primary school a popular screen saver on the computer in our classroom was a little man stuck on a desert island. Since then I have come across the question of what I’d take to a desert island several times. It’s a popular interview question and was part of getting to know my fellow online classmates recently.

I’ve decided to make this a little more specific.

I know I’m going to the desert island.

I will be there for one year.

I can take 5 things with me.

I’ve given this some serious thought. Avoiding obvious choices like a never-ending supply of food, a boat to get home etc

Without further ado, I’d bring the following.

Harry Potter box set

The seven books in the series would account for hours of entertainment. I think it would take me 2-3 weeks to get through the series, assuming I have other duties to tend to (hunting and cooking food, bathing, exploring etc.). I am quite certain that after a while I will begin to act out, voices & all, while I read aloud to my non-existent audience.


A flint is a piece of grey hard rock that when struck with steel produces an igniting spark. Or in other words, make a fire. This way I can cook any food that I catch, stay warm and hopefully, ward off any curious animals.


A rope would be really useful. I could use it to set animal traps, drag the animals I trap, rig up a shelter or make a raft.

Swiss Army knife

The multitude of tools in a Swiss Army knife makes it so handy. A knife would be so handy for hunting, preparing food & the scissors to cut my nails.


Given the choice, I would choose my dog, Harley. He would try really hard to catch birds & make me laugh several times a day. I know he can’t talk back to me but I would certainly have many conversations with him. I would also settle for an inanimate object companion, like Wilson from Castaway.


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