here Is A First For Everything

Here is a list of a bunch of first things I have experienced.


Airplane trip – 1991: a family trip to Surfer’s Paradise.

Wedding – 1992: I was the flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. Sadly that was the first & last time I was a part of a bridal party.

Pet – 1992: a goldfish purchased at the Royal Melbourne Show. Ironically I named it Goldie.

Teacher – 1993: Mrs. Glasscock, an old lady that taught us really weird songs.

Piercing – 1993: I had my ears pierced for my 6th birthday. It was my present from my neighbours.

CD – 1996: Spice Girls.

All-nighter – 1997: my 10th birthday party was a sleepover. We decided to play Doctors & Nurses at 6 am & smashed a thermometer. We spent a bit of time trying to pick up the mercury from the broken thermometer, no one had ever told me that it was poisonous.

my first wedding

my first wedding


Kiss – 2000: First week of year 7 I managed to get a boyfriend & have my first kiss. That relationship lasted a week but it certainly wasn’t my last kiss.

Detention – 2000: The day my English teacher decided to hand out detentions to those that had not completed their homework. She did say that it was from that day on, but apparently not. I spent the detention doing research for her for one of her year 10 classes.

Concert – 2001: Rumba, a festival type concert for all ages held at a football stadium. I went with my dad. The artists included Blue, Shaggy, Madison Avenue, Nelly Futardo, Killing Heidi, Vanessa Amorosi, Craig David.

Mobile phone – 2002: a trusty Nokia 3310 that actually got stolen from my bag during a PE lesson. The replacement I bought was also a 3310.

International trip – 2003: School trip to New Caledonia.

Job – 2004: Wendy’s Ice Cream just to fill in during the busy Christmas period.

Heartbreak – 2004: This is not a love heartbreak, but friendship heartbreak. I had a friend that was going through a tough time; he found some new friends, dropped out of school & basically fell off the face of the earth. I took it really hard.


Car – 2008: My green Mazda 121 only cost $1,800 but I had to fork out another $2,000 to get it roadworthy.

Moved house – 2012: The first time I moved house was into the house I built with my husband.

Expensive purchase (excluding cars & property) – 2011: I bought myself a Louise Vuitton bag in Paris. I saved up for it.

Awaiting the first

Broken bone

Jury Duty


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