2015 Goals
Last year, I started my blog with a post about my 2014 Resolutions. This year I am calling them 2015 goals because it seems more appropriate. When I tell people I have resolutions they generally tell me I don’t need to lose weight or they didn’t know that I smoked (which I don’t). Resolutions seem to be tied to those two things, things that tend to appear on a few people’s lists. So goals seem to be a more fitting word.


  • Put the phone away – Put my phone in the drawer or in my bag while I’m at work. I will have to have the sound on so I can hear it if it rings, which isn’t very often. I tend to spend slow days checking my phone & want to break away from that.
  • Get away from social media – I’d like to put my phone & iPad for that matter, down for one whole evening a week. I might even progress to consecutive evenings or whole days!
  • Bake for people at work – I’d like to take in morning or afternoon tea once a month. I work in a variety of places throughout the week so I wouldn’t be feeding the same people. I like to share the love.
  • Read 26 books – This year I am planning to take it easy on the reading. I’d like to spend some more time working on crochet projects & found I didn’t have much time for it last year because I tried to read too many books.
  • Crochet something for myself – I am always making things for other people, mostly for baby showers. I think it’s time I make something else for myself. I made a very small start on the Hermione the Unicorn a long time ago. Perhaps I will work on that.
  • Journal – I’d like to journal for myself. I have a nice notebook given to me by a friend that’s just going to waste in my drawer. I don’t intend it to be a full-on journal with pages & pages written for each day, but a few lines in as a summary of my day.
  • Put away every $5 note – I came across this one on Pinterest. I’m not sure how many $5 notes I will come across this year. But I think it’s a place to start, I already have 3 in my purse that I can put away. I might even get to the middle of the year & find I have a nice sum saved up & use it to start Christmas shopping. I have been toying with the idea of the 52-week money challenge. Although I think I will do it in reverse.
  • Write a letter to my nan at the end of every month – This didn’t go well last year. So I am going to try again. I will have to take notes on what I have done during each month to refresh my memory!

Health & Fitness

  • Meatless meals – While I like the idea of Meatless Monday, I think that is a bit too much for me to commit to. I think once a month is totally doable.
  • Stand up while talking on the phone – As I am unable to convert my desk at work to one that I’d stand up at, I figure I could just stand when I talk on the phone. Granted I don’t talk on the phone an awful lot, I think it will help my body take a break from sitting, give me an opportunity to stretch my legs & still be productive at the same time.
  • Run 2km in 10 minutes – This is totally embarrassing but this is the third year for this to be on my list. I will succeed.
  • Run/jog 5km without having to slow to a walk – Again, this is the third year for this to be on my list. I will succeed.


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