Maxine’s Challenge: Week 2

Maxine's Challenge Week 2Maxine’s Challenge week 2 is now over & I still don’t think I look any different. I haven’t jumped on the scales but I doubt they will have changed. I also haven’t been sore from working out which makes me think I have been slacking off in that department. I’ve still been working out every day according to the plan, but maybe not giving it the full 100%.
I have managed to drink more water each day, which I’m proud of. I had a pretty bad break out on my face this week too. Hopefully, that’s from the lack of sugar in my diet.

Every second Monday I go to my grandpa’s house for dinner. We often go out as he doesn’t like to cook anymore. This time we went to the RSL. I managed to find something on the menu that I thought was appropriate; Haloumi & dukkah salad. It had Haloumi cheese, bacon, asparagus & a poached egg.

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To keep things interesting I made tacos on Thursday night but I had mine without the taco shell or tortilla. I was surprised at how much I still enjoyed it. I had leftover taco salad for lunch on Friday. This is now probably one of my favourite meals. I could also hold off on the taco seasoning in the mince meat to make it even healthier.

I went to a wedding on Saturday night but managed to avoid the nibblies before dinner & took a burn bar just in case.

I’ve been trying to find different recipes because I hate anything plain or repetitive. I would choose anything else over plain chocolate or tomato sauce. Today I made some vegetarian quinoa chili to take to work for lunch this week, it made an impressive 7 serves so some of those will be going in the freezer.

Protein Mug Cake

Protein mug cake

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Spinach Omlette

Spinach omelette


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Maxine’s Challenge: Week 1

Maxine's Challenge Week 1So this is it, Maxine’s Challenge week 1. Last year I looked at doing the Maxine’s Shape-Up Challenge after I heard about it on Max’s Muscle TV. Unfortunately, I left it too late to register. But I remembered this year & managed to fulfill the requirements in time. The challenge looks at both nutrition & exercise for results. The female challenge, “Tone & Shape” is focused on weight loss & the male challenge focuses on getting strong but both nutrition & exercise plans are available depending on your goals.
The first week has just ended & what a week it was! I was busy with full time work, an additional 10 hours of work after hours, running a house hold, as well as the change in diet & exercise.

I was quite surprised how I felt after the first two days. I found that I could survive on less food than I had always planned for. I’m probably thirsty rather than hungry. I am rarely thirsty & I know I don’t drink enough. Some days I can go the whole day on about 500mL.

Ive been writing down everything that I’ve been eating, drinking and the exercise that I’ve been doing. This is mostly so I can keep track of it. It also allows me to see when I’m slacking off as some patterns may emerge. I just typed something up in excel & printed them blank to fill in. I’d post exactly what I’m eating but I’m not too proud of my first week’s effort!

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I had some mild sugar withdrawal headaches on Wednesday & Thursday, which surprised me. I like to think that I eat pretty well & clean anyway, I had already been doing my own version of protein oats as a last minute lunch at work. I’m not much of a tea or coffee drinker, maybe two coffees a week but certainly never more than one a day as I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine. I do like to have a chai in the afternoon as a pick me up sometimes, so the days I have a coffee I don’t allow myself to have a chai as well.

From Thursday I was craving something sweet after dinner which was a little odd since I don’t normally eat dessert, so I just made myself a cup of green tea. I’ve also been trying to get to bed earlier to avoid the sweet cravings.

I had some dizzy spells on Friday, so I nibbled on a small piece of dark chocolate & had more water.

I’m not sure that I would call week 1 a success as I don’t really feel any different, albeit a bit sore (DOMS), & haven’t seen any results like some people have. But I’m sure I will see results in the week 4 fitness test.

green tea in my new teacup

salmon & salad

2 scrambled eggs and mashed avocado on rye toast


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BellaBox: July

Photo 21-10-2014 7 35 15 pm
For my birthday I got a 1 year subscription to BellaBox. Each month I get a box of 5-6 make-up & beauty samples shipped straight to my door to try.
The July theme was American Beauty. What that really means, I’m not too sure. I think at least one of the products is meant to be from an American brand.

Quote Monday #16


Unfortunately, I think a lot of advertising comes from word of mouth these days, especially if you offer a service rather than a product. Products are easy enough to advertise that they practically sell themselves (granted you have a great product or are advertising a special). Services on the other hand; I think you can only toot your own horn so much & after a while it starts to lose its effectiveness. That’s when the advertising plug gets pulled, or scaled back. If only you could pay for word of mouth advertising!!

YouTube Limelight: Lauren Curtis

Each month I will feature one my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course, the video I like best. This month is Lauren Curtis.

From memory, I came across Lauren on tumblr. I kept seeing pictures of a beautiful blonde & managed to trace it back to the name laurenbeautyy, which I then googled & arrived at her YouTube channel. That was all about a year ago. Since then I have watched every single video, checking for new ones each day.


If you ever needs a little pick me up, this video will do the trick. The video aims to empower people (not just women!) & remind them that everyone is different. While one thing might work for someone, it might not work for everyone else because each person is different & it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

While I don’t think Lauren & I would be friends in real life, I do think that if we had gone to high school together we’d be polite Facebook friends, liking each others photos without needing to actually communicate.

I like watching Lauren’s videos because she comes across as very genuine & her giggle is just adorable.

Click here to see more of Lauren’s videos.

Quote Monday #15

Sadly, I know very few people that fall into this category. I can probably count them all on one hand. I think very highly of these people & I am shocked when someone says something negative about them. But there is always (at least) 2 sides to every story & I like to make sure I hear both.

Quote Monday #14

When I first saw this floating around it really struck a chord with me. I like to re-read it every now & then just to remind me to make the most of today.


2014 Resolution Update

Here is an update of the original list that was my first ever blog post. You can find the original post here or follow the life category. I think I’m safe to say I’m on track with about half of them.

Quote Monday #13

I think a lot of this also comes down to how you feel within yourself. If you feel inferior about some part of your life or body of course it will get you down when someone else brings it up.
Be confident in yourself & let the negativity be like water off a duck’s back.

Quote Monday #12

There is no other way to get there than to do it. Do it right. And do it for yourself. There isn’t much point in wishing, hoping & waiting. You have to go out there & create the life you want.