Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them and of course the video I like best. This month is Blendtec.

Blendtec became popular in the mid-2000’s with the phrase will it blend. Using the blender to attempt to blend anything from Marbles to iPhones to pool noodles. Their very first video was uploaded to the channel 11 years ago, posing the question will marbles blend? Since then they have uploaded almost 200 videos. I’ve since discovered that they also have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to delicious Blendtec recipes.

You might not know, but the company started their Will it Blend series as a way to show how powerful the product was. I guess you could call it a marketing gimmick. But it worked. Blendtec became a household name and their videos have been viewed almost 300 million times. They have kept themselves relevant by attempting to blend new items including almost all of the iPhones.

Their series has also won a number of awards. Since the success of the Will it Blend series, they have also uploaded a number of recipes. The Cookie Butter looks delicious!

Click here to see more of Blendtec’s videos.

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