How To Save Money on Dog Food


We choose to feed our dog with premium food because we were given a small bag as a part of the adopt a pet program. I also did a little bit of research and noticed many people had mentioned that with cheaper dog food they need to feed their dogs larger portions to get the nutrients they need. With premium dog food the serving size is generally smaller because there is more nutrition in it. Here are a few things you can do to save money on dog food 1. Make your own I know that making my own pet [...]

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How to get the most out of the Lush sales


Every year, Lush hold Boxing Day Sales. The last few years have seen 50% off Christmas stock, and often some leftover Halloween stock. With 2017 offering in-store only discounts, I expect 2018 to be the same. I got really lucky to visit a store in 2017. I was interstate on holidays and certainly not expecting to come across a Lush store. How to get the most out of the Lush sales Scope it out Jump online and see what is on offer in the Christmas range. Don’t forget to look at the gift packs, because you should certainly treat yourself! [...]

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Mother Daughter Date Ideas on the Peninsula


Lately, I've been enjoying some mother daughter dates in the beautiful place I live, the Peninsula. I love these little snippets of time that I get to spend with just her. And I have been making a real effort with her to just get out of the house for a few hours because TV seems to rule her life. Find out our favourite places to visit on for mother daughter dates on the Peninsula. Although I think I've also been to all of these places with my husband as a whole-family outing! Mother daughter date ideas on the Peninsula Bounce [...]

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How to cultivate amazing friendships


I always complained to my husband that I never had any close friends. He said that I would make friends with the other school mums when our kids were at school. That was a long time for me to wait to cultivate amazing friendships! I chose not wait for friends to come to me. I decided to do things to become closer to the people I already knew. Now I have a group of 10 women that I am close with and I'm really really close with a few of them too. Make an effort Don’t wait for your friend’s [...]

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