YouTube Limelight: FailArmy

Each month I will feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course the video I like best. This month is FailArmy. Fail videos are quite popular now & there are a lot of different channels for them. FailArmy releases a new compilation roughly each week.

This is my favourite video because this video is of animals, its cute & funny at the same time. As mean as it is, it’s always funny to see someone else’s misfortune, not to mention some of the injuries that occur from these ‘fails’.

Click here to see more of Fail Army’s videos.

November Bellabox

The November Bellabox theme was ‘Dusk til Dawn’ with products to suit both those that party the night away or have a quiet night in. BellaBox had a great response to the sneak peak & promised a sample of the Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadow palette would appear in each persons box.

 Tracking email received: Monday November 17

Package received: Tuesday November 18


Coastal Scents – Revealed Palette Sampler

Intially I am a bit disappointing by the size. Seeing the sample size in photos on instagram lead me to believe that it would be bigger. Maybe even 1 inch square for each colour but it’s probably only 1cm square. It also looks like everyone may have got different colours in their sample pack. I got a yellow beige, pale pink, medium brown & dark brown. After the first use I was not impressed as the colour didn’t seem to go on my eyelids very well. But it must have because when I removed my make up there was a lot of colour that came off. I have since tried it a few more times & my opinion has improved.

NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

I have been meaning to buy a white eyeliner for a little while now & am so glad I don’t have to! This works great as a base eye shadow to make colours really pop & to line the waterline making eyes appear brighter. I’ve used it several times now & it goes on nice & thick

Nuxe – Huile Produgieuse Or

I loved the Nuxe night cream from the box so I’m curious to see how this works. Although it kind of smells like old lady, it smells like a Nuxe product. It leaves a nice shimmer & doesn’t feel oily at all.

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Wella Professional – Reconstructive Elixir

From the packaging I couldn’t tell this is a Wella Professional product, or even that it was a hair product. But whoa! This smells amazing! It smells like a raspberry hair product. It’s not greasy & left my hair feeling light & silky.  I will certainly consider buying  this product when my argan oil runs out.

Palmers – Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil

This is certainly a product to use in the morning or at some stage during the day, not right before bed! I find my pillowcase can get oily so I do my best to avoid putting oily things on my face right before I go to bed. This smells absolutely amazing, goes on lightly & doesn’t feel oily at all. I did find that by the end of the day my face was a bit shiny on my forehead & cheeks (just below my eyes).

Compede – Blister Patch
This would have come in handy after The Bloody Long Walk but my blisters from that still don’t seem to be healing properly.

Thoughts on November Bellabox

A lot of small samples this month, most of which will probably get lost in the bathroom.

2014 Melbourne Color Run

Again, I signed up to The Color Run all on my lonesome hoping I would find someone to go with when the event rolled around. This time they only allowed pack pick up on the three days before the event & not on the actual day. After I found out that I was hoping extra hard to find someone that could pick up my packet & I would offer to drive them on the day. Lucky for me a colleague from work signed up about 5 days before. I’m glad I managed to convince her, after all 5 kilometres is nothing to the 35 we walked the weekend before!

YouTube Limelight: Blogilates

Each month I will feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course the video I like best. This month is Blogilates.

I started following Cassey Ho after seeing a few of her workout videos appearing in my search results. I had done a few different workout videos before I decided to subscribe to the channel. I recently signed up to the Blogilates website to get access to the workout calendar. I think it’s a fantastic idea & is easy to complete.

This is my favourite video because it is a real challenge & I was surprised that I wasn’t as sore as I expected the next day. So many of Cassey’s videos target different areas in different ways. I quite like the song challenge videos as they make it more fun & the time passes quickly, especially when I’m singing along.

The Blogilates channel has many videos to target different areas of your body & most videos are less than 10 minutes. There is also a series called Cheap Clean Eats featuring recipes for cheap clean meals.

Click here to see more of Cassey’s videos.

The Bloody Long Walk

Towards the end of August one of my colleagues suggested we do The Bloody Long Walk. A few others agreed & I also got roped into it. The Bloody Long Walk is a 35km challenge to cure Mitochondrial Disease, a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure & potentially death.
The walk starts at the iconic Victoria Park football ground in Abbotsford, follows the main Yarra trail to Crown Casino, continues down alongside the tram tracks to Port Melbourne & concludes at North Road Reserve in Brighton.


We started our training in September, aiming to increase the kilometres with each training session. Since we started, the team has done around 80 kilometres, & I have personally done over 100 kilometres.


We have trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Casey Fields in Cranbourne, Peninsula Link around Frankston & walked several parts of the route.

The Bloody Long Walk

Another of our colleagues was nice enough to pick me & some others up at the crack of dawn to be there for our start time of 7:40am. I was expecting to finish around 4pm, but it later turned out that my calculations were wrong as I was hoping do it in 7 hours (at 5km/h for 35km), with about 20 minutes allowed for breaks therefore should have finished around 3pm.

The scenery throughout the entire walk was magnificent & it was nice to see some parts of the course we hadn’t already trained at. The first 8 or so kilometers had quite a few steep inclines that we weren’t really expecting. We knew there were some at the start but didn’t realise how many, or how grueling they would be.

There were check points roughly every 5 kilometres, which had bananas, oranges & water. I took full advantage of the food here as I was rationing the food I bought from home.

Half Way

We were lucky to have a spare car driving around to meet us at different points with our bags so we didn’t have to carry anything. I had a bum bag with my phone, camera, a protein bar & a water bottle. The car also had an eski with fresh cold water.

I changed my socks at about half way & was surprised at how much it seemed to help. I was a smart & taped my feet in the morning before I even left the house. A wide piece across my heel because that was where I had been having issues during training. I also put some on the outside of my big & little toes as they rub a little bit sometimes. Finally I put some across the ball of my foot, right up to the bottom of my toes.

Once we got to the beach at Port Melbourne I knew we only had about 10 kilometres to go. I will admit the last 3 were the absolute hardest. I found I was walking on my own as we all seemed to be going at a different pace. Although I spent most of the walk at the back of our group I was in the middle for the last stretch. Towards the end my hips where incredibly sore (my guess is from the bum bag, I had a lot of relief once I took it off), I was trying to keep my breathing steady to avoid a panic attack all while trying not to cry with all the emotions & feelings I was experiencing.

The Finish Line

We crossed the finish line as a team & I was so happy to see my husband waiting for me after all I had been through. When I hugged him at the end & said I was going to kill Tania (the colleague that convinced me to participate), I was about to cry but managed to turn it into a bit of a laugh. It would have been quite embarrassing if I did cry but I’m sure I would not have been the only one.

I had a very hot bath when I got home & went to be at about 8pm. I slept like a baby. I’m not as sore as I was expecting to be today but I am very sun burned. My poor virgin white skin on my legs got an awful beating especially along the beach with the wind. Hopefully it calms down soon & isn’t too uncomfortable.

Would I do it again?

The Bloody Long Walk is not something I want to do again. During training I joked that I might do a marathon next, after all it’s only an additional 7 kilometres. That is certainly a funny joke now.

October Bellabox

The October Bellabox theme is ‘Born to be Wild’ in collaboration with Nicole (Sherzinger) x Misguided. BellaBox also celebrated their third birthday this month & as an extra special treat they teamed up with Kester Black to provide an exclusive nail polish in every single box!

Tracking email received: Friday October 17

Package received: Tuesday October 21

Kester Black – Ruby Tuesday
Red nail polish looks good on everyone & is an absolute classic. I have a few different shades of red in my collection now & it’s probably the colour I have the most of. It takes about 3 thin coats of this to appear opaque which

Rimmel London – Apocalips in Solstice

I have flirted with the idea of buying one of these for a few months now. Every time I go into Priceline I will stare at them longingly waiting for the appropriate colour to choose me.

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Mor – Neroli Clementine hand cream
Sadly, I’m not a fan of hand creams in general. I find they leave my hands feeling greasy & I will usually wash or wipe off my hands soon after. This hand cream smells like mandarins (which I believe are the same as clementines). I will probably just use it as a body cream to use it up.

Nivea – Stress Protect deodorant

I got a sample of this a few months ago & quite liked it. I’ve been using the same brand of stick deodorant for as long as I can remember. I never liked the idea of a spray deodorant because it’s too cold to be doing that in winter! But I did find it to have a pleasant scent (that some people mistake for perfume!), dries pretty quickly & lasts me all day. Since trying my original sample I have bought a full-size version & will probably test out the rest of the Nivea deodorant range.

Pantene – Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner

This is the third sample set of Pantene shampoo & conditioner I have received this year! From memory, you could sign up for the Pantene sample in the September box which would also guarantee you would be in the first batch to receive your box. I think this sample is probably a leftover from then.

Model Co – facial wipe, facial scrub, moisturiser & miracle booster

The facial wipes have a smooth side & a textured side which I think would be fantastic for removing make-up. I wish I waited to use it when I had a face of makeup to take off! The facial scrub has large sandy pieces in it & feels like it gives your face a good buffing. The moisturiser is just like any other but smells quite like the Cactus Skincare Lemon Myrtle Cleanser. The Miracle Booster didn’t spread as much as I expected.

Thoughts on October Bellabox

So many tiny samples this month. And more nail polish. I have never in my entire life used a whole bottle of nail polish.


The Parcel Spring 2014

The Parcel is a quarterly beauty box by Marie Claire. It costs $25 per quarter and is filled with around $100 of deluxe samples from very well known brands. The October release is it’s first and I am sure it will give the other beauty boxes a run for their money. The Parcel Spring edition was sealed in plastic to keep everything dry and intact.

Then the actual package was in a sleeve (pictured above) with my name and address printed on it. The leaflet inside the parcel was also personally addressed to me, but digital printing makes that so much easier these days.

It all came really well packaged with bits underneath the slimmer boxes to keep them in place which made it look really well presented.

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OPI Nail Lacquer – Chrome

I have never had any OPI nail polishes before and was excited to try my first one. In the bottle it just looks like silver, when it goes on the nail it’s still silver but when it dries it’s magic! I didn’t figure out what colour it was until I tested it out and it had dried like chrome.


Revlon – Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush

This goes on like a waxy but wet lip gloss. The colour goes on as a coral/orange and turns into a red/orange stain. I like it because it its not sticky, its not too wet and the stain lasts for hours. I’m glad I got to sample this because I would probably never try otherwise. If I’m in the market for a new lip colour this will certainly be high on my list!

Benefit – They’re real mascara and push-up liner

Again, I’ve heard great things about Benefit products and this is my first time using them. My current mascara is on its way out and I now have a replacement! Unfortunately it appears to be waterproof and I am not a fan of waterproof mascara, I think it’s absolutely pointless but I will probably keep using it until I buy another one.

As for the liner, I had to look it up on YouTube to figure out how to use it because it didn’t come with instructions or anything! I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. So I tried it when I got home from work and wouldn’t be going out again. I needn’t have worried, it turned out quite nice once I have figured out how to use it! But this also seemed to be waterproof and was difficult to get off. If it was easier to remove I would most certainly be buying some.

Lancome – Visionnaire

I think I will need to use this for a week straight night and morning before I can decide what I really think of it. The packaging didn’t really have much information on it but after googling it a bit I see that it’s an anti wrinkle serum. Attached to the inside of the lid is a small rod (like you would find on a lip gloss or nail polish, just without the brush part) that makes it very easy to apply. I believe the full size is a pump pack.


L’Oreal – Elnett Satin hairspray

From what I’ve read on Instagram and a few blogs, this is the hairspray of all hairsprays! Unlucky for me that I usually only use hairspray when I am going to a wedding or engagement party. And they are a bit sparse at the moment so I don’t know when I will get a chance to use the hairspray properly.


Pantene – Daily Moisture Renewal

I am not one of those people that care what shampoo and conditioner they use. Anything that will clean my hair will do. I didn’t find this to be overly fabulous or anything else. But I will use it until it’s all gone but that’s about it.

Cactus Skincare

After missing out on a sample of Cactus Skincare White Clay Mask in the September BellaBox, I had a look at their website to see that they offer a sample set of their range delivered to you for $5.00. So I placed my order, completing the skin type profile & the samples arrived in less than a week.

I was a bit confused when I opened the packaged but was very impressed with it all. The smell was wonderful & I found it all very thoughtful.

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 12

Maxine's Challenge Week 12Maxine’s Challenge week 12 is now complete. I’m pleased to say that I stuck with it as best I could. Twleve weeks is a long time. To some the challenge would be a real lifestyle change too. My actual weight isn’t much different, although there has been a drop of about 2% in my body fat. I think this is mostly due to getting lazy. I also think my starting size played into it a little bit. I’m probably considered average so it’s not like I needed to lose any weight at all, just tone up & shape my muscles.

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What did I learn?

  • greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder is awesome!
  • Maxine’s protein powder combined with 200mL milk in a blender tastes like a McDonald’s thickshake
  • I don’t need to eat as much as I do
  • I don’t need to snack as often as I do
  • I can drink water even when I’m not thirsty
  • green tea with jasmine is a great hot beverage alternative to tea or coffee
  • I can probably get away with doing three proper workouts a week and continue to eat what I would normally eat

Would I do it again?

Yes but only if my husband does it at the same time. It gets really hard to eat properly if he isn’t prepping any of our meals or when he does its steak & chips or something like that. Also if he were doing it he might be able to convince me to join the gym (I have a slight aversion to this). A gym membership would make it so much easier as they have all of the equipment. I found it really hard at the end to complete any of the weight training at home.

decisions, decisions: chocolate or strawberry
post workout snack
a mashed banana with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder


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How I Spend My Lunch Breaks

Although I only get half an hour for my lunch break, I try to make them as productive as possible. I normally read as a book usually doesn’t take up too much room in my lunch bag & I have set myself a pretty steep goal of reading 100 books this year.

Today though, I took a break from reading & am crocheting a pair of brown Snuggle Baby Boots. I finished one boot last night & I am keen to have the other one finished before I go to bed tonight.

If I’m not reading or crocheting, I’m reading finance articles or trying to find other ways to get ahead in life.