On Wednesday April 2, I came home from work to find something fluffy with four legs wandering around my house. Earlier in the day, my husband had hinted at getting me an early Easter present. Something to keep me company while he is working on the weekends. I had a feeling I knew what he was hinting at but I didn’t really think he would go through with it though.

Harley the PomeranianI’m not sure how we will cope when the time comes to choose baby names. We really struggled to name him. I wanted something that would remind us of our wedding & honeymoon in America last year, so we finally settled on Harley (for the Harley Davidson my husband & his friends hired for the day). So meet Harley the Pomeranian.

Harley the Pomeranian

Now comes coping with housebreaking (including toilet training) & the standard sit/stay routine. As this is my first dog (and first pet really, as fish & rabbits don’t need much looking after), I have no idea what I am doing or what to expect from Harley or my patience for that matter!. But I honestly think that toilet training will be the death of me. While I understand that plush carpet feels much better, it is an awful mess to clean up not to mention the possibility of stains & smells lingering.

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Then there is the whimpering/yelps when he is alone in the laundry. Of a night & while we aren’t home, we put him in the laundry & shut the door. The first night wasn’t so great. I’m quite a light sleeper, it also generally needs to be dark & quiet for me to sleep. Since then, I have shut a few more doors of the house & can no longer hear him from my bed.

But how can I stay mad at a face like that? He is just so tiny & cute, I am worried that I might just hug the life out of him.




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