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I think a lot of this also comes down to how you feel within yourself. If you feel inferior about some part of your life or body of course it will get you down when someone else brings it up. Be confident in yourself & let the negativity be like water off a duck's back.

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There is no other way to get there than to do it. Do it right. And do it for yourself. There isn't much point in wishing, hoping & waiting. You have to go out there & create the life you want.

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I see beauty in confidence. When a person is confident, I believe they are beautiful. You could be having a horrid day & feeling worthless, but in showing a bit of confidence you radiate magnificence.

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I always admire those that strive to do the right thing & like to consider myself one of them.

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I'm sure nothing would get done if people gave up after the first try. Some people wouldn't have children. Some people wouldn't finish high school or university. Some people wouldn't make it to the top of their field. Some people wouldn't do the right thing. And sadly, some people might not live to see another day.

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