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Harley the Pom meets a Friend


Harley the Pom meets a friend so that when he is older he will be able to interact with other dogs appropriately. Unfortunately, he was too old to go to puppy school. But luckily for us, we know a few people with dogs. There are also a few obedience dog clubs that we can attend if need be. I love the idea of teaching Harley some basic obedience and maybe a trick or two. But perhaps we should start with housebreaking. Harley's personality has developed so much in the month that we have had him. I only had pet fish [...]

Harley the Pom meets a Friend2019-03-29T21:33:52+10:00

Harley the Pomeranian Gets a New Toy


Harley the Pomeranian has been settling in quite well. He now has plenty of toys to keep him occupied when he is home alone or when I am unavailable. He now has: 2x rainbow rubber band balls with bells inside (which is actually a cat toy!) small chew bone (that easily gets lost under the couch) tennis balls tethered by a rope that is shaped like a bone RELATED: Harley the Pom meets a Friend I am a little amazed that he seems to play with all of his toys equally and doesn’t seem overly possessive of them. He inherited a few [...]

Harley the Pomeranian Gets a New Toy2019-03-29T21:55:16+10:00

Harley the Pomeranian


On Wednesday April 2, I came home from work to find something fluffy with four legs wandering around my house. Earlier in the day, my husband had hinted at getting me an early Easter present. Something to keep me company while he is working on the weekends. I had a feeling I knew what he was hinting at but I didn't really think he would go through with it though. I’m not sure how we will cope when the time comes to choose baby names. We really struggled to name him. I wanted something that would remind us of our [...]

Harley the Pomeranian2018-08-27T21:56:22+10:00

The Color Run


I had seen photos from The Color Run around the internet. So when I saw an ad for it on tv, I knew I had to sign up. That was in 2012. I'm glad to say I was a part of the first Australian Color Run, which also happened to be the first in the Southern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, I missed out on the 2013 event as I was in America at the time. I signed up for the Grand Prix edition (at Albert Park Lake, the Formula 1 Melbourne Grand Prix track) by myself. But was secretly hoping to find [...]

The Color Run2018-11-07T21:44:54+10:00
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