Another Way to Spend Lunch Breaks


I've found another way to spend lunch breaks. I have recently discovered something new that I can take to work for lunch at the last minute. A microwave cup of rice and a tin of tuna. So far, any combination of rice and tuna flavours have turned out to be fantastic. It will be great to keep a stash of rice cups and tuna in my drawer at work for those days when I run out of time to organise something in the morning. I do have quite a few other items stashed away in my drawer at work too. [...]

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How I Spend My Lunch Breaks


Although I only get half an hour, I try to spend my lunch breaks being as productive as possible. I can take my lunch break from between noon and 2pm. And I usually take it earlier rather than later. To make my time as productive as possible I often read. Whether it’s reading a book, crocheting or researching online. Books don’t take up too much room in my bag. Plus, I have set myself a pretty steep goal of reading 100 books this year. Spoiler alert! I am only 16 books away from completing the challenge! It still counts if [...]

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Owl Themed Baby Shower


My third niece arrived into the world on September 21. I had a bit of a mad rush to crochet as much as I could before the baby shower which was back in July. The baby shower is done and dusted now, I can finally take a bit of a break from crochet. Here are some photos of the things I made (both food and crochet) as well as links to the patterns and recipes. Owl Blanket - My mother in law found this pattern & knew it would be perfect as the baby’s room was being decorated with an [...]

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Growing Leeks


Last week I experimented in the kitchen and purchased lots of things I wouldn't normally buy. Prawns, lemongrass, coriander, sesame oil, fish sauce, leek, and whole red chillis. A few of the items still had their roots attached and it got me thinking. I had seen that you could put spring onions in a glass of water and they would regrow. There should be no reason why anything else with its root intact would be any different. Growing Leeks I did a bit more research and found not much equipment was required. In most cases, just a glass of fresh [...]

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Temperature Tip


How many times have you had a recipe that states the temperature in Fahrenheit but your oven only has Celsius? Thanks to Pinterest, this has happened to me more times than I can remember. But it's not just Pinterest, many box mixes (especially cakes, cupcakes & muffins) that I've picked up from the supermarket list a temperature in Fahrenheit. What I find even more bizarre about this is that the rest of the instructions seem to use metric measurements, like grams & millilitres rather than imperial (which is what Fahrenheit is). I have lost count of the number of times I [...]

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