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The 30 Days I Gave Up Coffee

I gave up coffeeTHE CHALLENGE

I gave up coffee, for 30 days in a row.

Call me crazy but I gave up coffee. I had my last beautiful brew on Friday, January 12. The surprising thing is that I don’t really miss it as much as I thought I would. I would have given it up earlier knowing that.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the taste of coffee, that’s why I drink it. I do also use it as a substitute for morning tea, to keep me going through to lunch. But over the years I have learned that I don’t have much of a tolerance to caffeine. I have to be really careful when ordering a coffee at a cafe. Did you know some large drinks can contain up to three shots of coffee which is equal to 90mL. That’s a lot of coffee in one hit! I also have to watch my intake of tea, due to the caffeine. I once drank about 4 cups of tea at an afternoon high tea, do you think I could sleep that night?

Benefits of giving up coffee

– a decrease in anxiety
– save money (the latte factor: the phenomenon whereby many small purchases add up to a significant expenditure over time.)
– sleep better
– weight loss (empty calories from added milk, sugar & flavourings)

However, I did notice that after having my daughter, my tolerance increased. I could have a coffee or tea at any time of the day & not be affected by it. Sadly this has worn off now.

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I have had a few teas during my coffee free period. But I’ve been choosing green tea for my hot beverage more than anything, along with the occasional hot chocolate. It is still summer here after all. Did I look forward to my first cup after those 30 days? You bet! I chose to add some salted caramel syrup to my cappuccino. I find that when I add a little bit of syrup I don’t need to add any sugar, the syrup makes it sweet enough

DIY flavroured coffe tip: When using the coffee machine at home or at work, I add the syrup to the milk frother. It blends it all together well so the flavour is throughout.

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30 Days of French

30 days of french-challenge


complete 30 consecutive days of French practice using the Duolingo app

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to learn French & visit France. It was a huge bonus to attend a high school that offered French, as well as Japanese. In year 10 I was lucky enough to visit New Caledonia for a week as a part of an exchange type program. It was a beautiful country & spurred me on to one day get to France. I studied French the whole way through high school, doing a 15-minute oral conversation as a part of my final exam.

I made it to Paris, France in 2011 as a part of a Contiki Tour. Putting all of my French into practice I explored Paris solo. Ordering escargot for lunch at a cafe, Nutella crepes from street vendors & even asking where to find the restrooms.

Benefits of learning a foreign language

There are many benefits of learning a foreign language & I often wish I was part of a bilingual household.

  • Expanded employment opportunities
  • Easier when traveling
  • Builds self confidence
  • Further development of multitasking skills
  • Boosts problem solving abilities
  • Often improves first language


I managed to get to 13 days in a row but missed a day. Unfortunately, the app wanted $4.99 to ‘repair’ my streak, which I just couldn’t justify. Each day I was more & more inspired to be getting closer to a 30 day streak. I’ve loved seeing my skills improve & learning new words. I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it to continue every day but I will still use the app as often as I can remember. I’m not sure when I will need to use French again, but I like to think I will be well prepared!

Other languages offered by Duolingo

  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Irish
  • Ukrainian
  • High Valyrian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Swahili
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Greek
  • Esperanto
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Welsh

30 Days of Green Tea

30 days of green tea-challenge


drink at least 1 cup of green tea per day, for 30 days in a row.

I started drinking green tea roughly four years ago. I tend to prefer hot drinks in the cooler months & cold drinks in the warmer months. This means I drink more tea, coffee and hot chocolate in winter, more water in summer. I used to be quite sensitive to caffeine, I’d have to have my tea or coffee by midday or risk not being able to sleep that night. Also having the odd panic attack when I had too much caffeine. It took me a little while to find a brand that I like, it turns out I prefer green tea with jasmine. I also prefer to leave the tea bag in & too up my cup throughout the day. Unfortunately, this means that since I never actually finish a cup it’s difficult to keep tabs in how much I have had.
It’s also worth mentioning that I think green tea tastes like popcorn.

Benefits of green tea

– lowers cholesterol (Healthline)
– contains antioxidants
– lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s
– weight loss

While I don’t think I have noticed any of the above, I will continue to enjoy it.
One of the best times to drink a cup of green tea is after a filling meal. Someone once told me that it helps digestion & will make you feel less bloated. After trying it I tend to agree. I will always order some after a meal at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.


After drinking green tea every day for 30 days I noticed that I feel calmer in general. I’ve actually been looking forward to it each day. I am a little surprised that I didn’t get sick of it. Usually, I can’t stand repetition, so I am surprised I’ve managed to stick this out. I’m also glad that consuming so much hasn’t put me off it.

Other ways to enjoy green tea

Ice cream
Cookies, cakes & breads
Odor absorber
Skincare & Beauty (Balance Me Beautiful)