Developing a positive attitude for goals to achieve success


Developing a confident attitude toward goals can set you up for success right from the beginning. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your health, or be more relaxed, developing a positive mental attitude toward goals can give you better outcomes and greater chances of success. A positive attitude is not just forcing a smile through gritted teeth in the hopes of feeling better. It is something a lot more profound than that. When we adopt a positive attitude, we are using the power of our mind to remove thoughts and ideas that are no longer helping us to [...]

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10 of the best traits and qualities of a good friend


A good friend can be hard to come by, especially when you are an adult. But there are a few qualities to look out for to ensure your new friendship will continue to blossom. There are a number of characteristics that set genuine friends apart from potential fake friends. So what makes a good friend? You might have many acquaintances and a handful of friends. But only the best of the best get to be called good friends. So what sets these amazingly great friends apart from all of your casual friends?  Some of the benefits that we get out of strong [...]

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How to use the different love languages in your friendships


Each person has their own primary love language, which is the way they feel most loved and appreciated. Understanding your friends' love languages can help you communicate your love and appreciation in a way that they will truly understand and appreciate. By understanding and speaking your friends' love languages, you can deepen your friendships and show your appreciation in a way that really resonates with them. What are Love Languages? Do you ever feel like you and your friends are not on the same wavelength when it comes to expressing love and appreciation? This is where the concept of love [...]

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How to cultivate amazing and meaningful friendships


I always complained to my husband that I never had any close friendships, even in high school. He said that I would make friends with the other school mums when our kids were at school. And let me tell you, that was a long time for me to have to wait.So I chose not to wait for those friends to appear in my life. I decided to do things to become closer to the people I already knew.  And now I have a group of about 10 women that I am really great friends with. And a few of those I consider [...]

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The best ways make adult friends in a new city


Moving to a new city as an adult can be both exhilarating and challenging. And one of the most significant hurdles is establishing a social circle in unfamiliar territory. The sense of leaving behind established friendships can be daunting, but forming new connections is important for personal growth and building a broader support network. Here, we'll walk through practical steps and strategies to help you smoothly navigate this transition and make meaningful connections in your new community. Acknowledging the Initial Hurdles It's entirely normal to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when embarking on any new chapter of your [...]

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20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox


Life can get hard sometimes. So I have a bunch of things in what I call my mental health toolbox. They are all tasks I have used in the past to help lift my mood, motivate me and instil a little extra confidence. It’s unfortunate, but I need to say this. I have no qualifications when it comes to mental health, so this is all just my opinion and experience. And so many of the things in this article are not for everybody. So my advice to you is to just take what you need and be open to new [...]

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The best quotes celebrating friendship to share with friends


There are many different types of friends that you need in life. You need a best friend, an old friend, one that makes you laugh and many more. Here are some friendship quotes that you can share with them. What is the meaning of friendship? A friendship is a deep, meaningful and reciprocal connection between two people. It's built on many foundations including trust, understanding, support as well as shared interests and experiences. Great friends enrich our lives with companionship, a sense of belonging, unwavering support and cherished memories. I know and love the privilege of friendship. Where can I [...]

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Friendship Green Flags: Signs You’re a Good Friend


Friendship plays a crucial role in enhancing emotional well-being, fostering personal growth, and improving your overall quality of life. Genuine friendships provide invaluable support and validation through shared experiences and lifelong companionship. These essential elements contribute to cultivating happiness, building resilience, and nurturing a deep sense of belonging. What are friendship green flags? Friendship green flags are the opposite of red flags. They are a good sign that you have a healthy relationship and are a good friend to others. Understanding the importance of these green flags is pretty important. They help you in promoting positive and fulfilling connections. Real [...]

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The Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Life


Surrounding yourself with a bunch of amazing friends is one of the secrets to an amazing life. Having a diverse group of friends can keep things interesting. And you’ll be able to turn to different types of friends to help you through different areas of your life. You’ll also find there are a few trends between different groups of friends. Why we need friends Friends make life better. They help steer us in the right direction They provide us with a sense of belonging. Which is incredibly important when you are trying to find your place in the world. They [...]

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How To Stop Arguing About Housework


Whether you are married, engaged or just living with a partner or friends, disagreements often arise around housework. And it generally evolves into one party listing all the things that they do that aren’t related to housework but still makes a difference. It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to the expectation of who will do the housework. And effective communication and collaboration is a key factors in resolving any housework-related conflicts that may arise. Everyone comes from a different upbringing and likely has different expectations.  A parent that didn’t work outside the home A paid [...]

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Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian


Part self-help book, part memoir and part diet and exercise guide, Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian provides practical advice and personal anecdotes in this inspiring book. I had to wait a little while for Strong Looks Better Naked to become available at the library. But I didn't mind waiting. I get an email notification when something is ready for me to collect, which is one of the reasons why I love my library. The book features three parts. Each covers a specific area of your life; body, mind, and heart. If you’re not excited about your life, it’s up to you [...]

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The 12 most common goal setting mistakes to avoid


Setting and achieving goals can give your life direction and purpose. But there are a number of common goal-setting mistakes that can keep your efforts from being fruitful. So if your goals are leaving you feeling uninspired and like you’re not making any progress, you might be making one or more of these mistakes. The most common goal setting mistakes Some of the biggest mistakes we can make when it comes to downs to the goal setting process. Let's dive into 12 of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to setting goals. You’re setting too many goals Your [...]

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How to Find your Purpose with Personality Tests


I am currently in the throws of finding my purpose. I’m not sure I ever had one but it’s been a pretty constant theme appearing every month or so for the last year. Perhaps purpose should be my word of the year? But learning more about yourself through personality tests can shed some light and help you find your purpose. I’ll include my results in each one! What is a personality test? A personality test is a psychological assessment tool that is designed to evaluate and measure various traits, characteristics, and patterns of your personality.  The tests typically consist of a series [...]

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Looking after your mental health during winter


One of the biggest things I struggled with over the winter during the pandemic was my mental health. And I know I can't be alone in this. Being at home pretty much every day with my whole family was quite tough. There have been a lot of memes going around about extroverts. I say take a moment to consider introverts. They are the ones stuck at home with their families with nowhere to escape for some recharge time! Why is winter hard for mental health? While not everyone experiences challenges for their mental health during the winter, it can be [...]

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