beach sunset with moon text overlay 2017 Review
Here it is, my 2017 review! To quote Katy Perry: that was such an epic fail! (Firework by Katy Perry).


Read – Reading is hard when you don’t have much time for yourself! I read a lot more books to my daughter than I read to myself. It turns out I read/listened to 15 adult books in 2017. 

Actually, take a lunch break – I quit my job back in May, so I can’t say I’ve worked through my lunch break much lately. Even while I was at work I was just as busy that I still ate at my desk.

Grow this blog – I think I have made real progress on this. While I’m still not posting as often as I would like. I am putting much more effort into things like content, graphics & social media. I have a ton of half-finished posts & even more ideas.

Sewing – I did make that singlet that I had been planning make. However, it did turn out to be a bit smaller than I would have liked. And because of that, I haven’t actually worn it yet. That & the fact that the weather is only just picking up again now.

Financial – Since I didn’t have a goal, technically I didn’t fail here! However, I did start paying my husband & I some pocket money each week. It goes into our separate accounts so we can spend it on whatever we like.

Have a bath – I did actually use all the bath bombs that I had, so I purchased some more. It was great to have a bath at the end of the working week.


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Challenge myself – I have completed 2 challenges this year. I do really love this idea but so many of them need to be planned around different parts of the year. For example, 30 days of only water would be best done in the warmer months.

Running – Sigh. This really needs to stop appearing on my goals lists. I really must not be as keen as I think I am to make any progress with this. While I am still envious when I see people out running, thinking I wish that was me.

But to quote Gretchen Rubin: Onward & upward (the closing phrase to her podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin).


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