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Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked

Khloe Kardashian - Strong Looks Better Naked
I had to wait a little while for Strong Looks Better Naked to become available at the library. But I didn’t mind waiting. I get an email notification when something is ready for me to collect, which is one of the reasons why I love my library.
The book is broken into three parts covering body, mind, and heart.
The body section focuses on exercise & food as they often go hand in hand when it comes to improvement. She talks about how she first started going to the gym & how she came to love it. How to set realistic goals & finding a way to work out that you enjoy. After all, not everyone loves the gym.
The mind section concentrates on willpower, getting your head on straight, making the best of everything, friendships & learning to recognize when you need to let something go.
The heart section emphases compassion, thinking before you act & that life is not a competition, the only competition you should have is yourself.
There are tons of photos of Khloe & her family at various times in her life. As well as numerous inspiring quotes (keep a look out on quote Monday). A sample of what she eats in a day. At least 20 recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages. And songs that are on her playlist.

Why you should read it.

This book was a great little perk up. To remind me to be the best version of myself through exercise, eating nutritious food & spending time with like-minded people.
I don’t think I could say that this book will inspire you to make drastic changes to your life. But it may make you think about a few things that could be improved because small changes really do add up.
I also think this is a great book to read every year or so just to give me that extra nudge with some motivation.



Book Review: Life and Death

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life and death book by stephenie meyer

As soon as I discovered Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined I knew that I had to read it. This is the Special Edition for the 10th anniversary. It is the original Twilight but the with the genders reversed. So the human is the male & the vampire is the female. The foreword mentions that this was mostly to dispel the thoughts the Bella wasn’t a damsel in distress but rather a human in distress.

I didn’t actually have to wait very long for it to become available at the library. Likewise, it didn’t take me very long to read, nine days. It also reignited my enthusiasm for reading the series.

I originally didn’t buy into the Twilight saga, but eventually caved and borrowed the first in the series from the library. It was an easy read and I wanted to see how the story played out so I borrowed the rest of the series. I remember that I read Eclipse in a day. Granted it was a miserable rainy day. Also known as perfect reading weather.

I was surprised to learn that all of the characters (apart from Renee & Charlie) had changed genders. This initially made the story really hard to follow even though I was quite familiar with it. It was a tad helpful that all the characters kept their first initial. So Isabella (Bella) became Beaufort (Beau), Edward became Edythe, Carlisle became Corrine, Alice became Archie and so on.

The afterword shocked me. Although, there certainly was a need for an afterword! There are some things that you just can’t mention in a foreword.

While I don’t think you could consider Life and Death re imagined, it is worth the read if you do like the original story. It is the exact same book after all.

June Bellabox

The June Bellabox theme was ‘Winter Warrior’ with the idea to brighten up winter with a pop of colour. It was revealed that everyone would receive a lip tint stick.

Photo 24-06-2015 7 59 20 am


Tracking email received: I didn’t actually get one
Package received: Wednesday June 17

This is actually my last BellaBox too as I received a one year subscription for my birthday last year. There are many reasons why I have chosen not to renew my subscription, in no particular order

  1. I will be paying for it (it was a gift last year)
  2. the price has increased (to cover postage costs)
  3. lack of variety of products
  4. the variety between boxes varies so much
  5. items often don’t match my beauty profile
  6. unknown brands
  7. lack of full-size samples
  8. all of the above contribute to lack of value for money

I’m also having trouble keeping up with all of the samples I have. I really am doing my best to use all of the products but along with what I was already using there are just too many options! I have at least two boxes of samples I haven’t really started using yet!

Photo 24-06-2015 7 59 43 amUniversal Beauty Cosmetics – Nude Pink Tint Stick

I was excited to receive this as I like trying new lip colours. The applicator reminds me of a highlighter tip or text but works quite well & gives you the ability to be quite precise. I haven’t had to touch it up once as it lasts almost all day. It also has a cute quote on the end of the tube.

Photo 28-06-2015 3 18 59 pmOriginal Source – Skin Quench Watermelon & Jojoba Oil

The best way to describe how this smells when you use it is a burst of sour watermelon. I also didn’t think it was moisturising as it claims to be but have noticed that my legs don’t appear to be dry & flaky like thy normally are during winter. I first came across Original Source in England 2011 when I had about 4 varieties to choose from when staying with relatives.

Photo 24-06-2015 8 00 48 amBurt’s Bees – Beeswax Lip Balm

I’ve seen people rave about this brand but I have never actually used it before as I am pretty loyal to another brand. It smells like peppermint & sometimes makes my lips tingle, like they are being plumped.

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Photo 24-06-2015 8 00 07 am

Ivadore – Tanning Treatment

I will probably just put this on my legs to used it up so I can throw it out. I don’t do fake tan mostly because I cannot be bothered.

Photo 24-06-2015 8 00 20 am

Model Co – Exfoliating & Cleansing All-Natural Facial Wipe

I have had a sample of this before & like the idea of one side being textured (to exfoliate) & the other being smooth. I will probably use this next time I have a full face of make-up to remove.

Photo 24-06-2015 8 01 06 am

Palmolive Naturals – Active Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner

As a kid I used to get an itchy scalp after using Palmolive. I am not brave enough to try it now either!

May Bellabox

The May Bellabox collaborated with PopSugar & the theme was Sugar Fix. The front of the info card is a highlight & contour cheat sheet because everyone was guaranteed to get a highlight or contour pencil.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 39 pm

Tracking email received: Monday May 18
Package received: Wednesday May 20 (again it was sent to another post office for collection)


Photo 1-06-2015 12 02 10 pmChella – Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

This pencil, either in highlight or contour, was guaranteed in each box. I was unsure originally which I would prefer as I don’t have a highlight/contour routine. The pencil goes onto the skin quite easily but I find it quite hard to blend out & it feels like a waxy crayon. I’m not sure if I will use this for highlighting but I think it would be useful as an eyeshadow base.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 58 pmPalmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – Moisture Rich Night Cream

I have recently tried a few other Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products recently (day cream & make up removing cleanser) & was happy to sample it this month.  It’s a rich night cream that has a subtle cocoa butter smell that is associated with Palmer’s brand. The only thing I find that I don’t like about night creams is that they tend to sit on my skin for a bit before soaking in & I end up sticking my pillow because of it. I know I should put the cream on a bit earlier. But I only ever remember to do it when I brush my teeth right before I jump into bed.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 50 pmReal U – Control+ Face Gel

This should be marketed as unscented because it seriously doesn’t have a smell. It’s a clear gel that soaked into the skin quite quickly & left my face feeling smooth & moisturised all day.

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Photo 1-06-2015 12 03 07 pmEye of Horus – Goddess Pencil in lazuli blue

This is a beautiful glittery eye pencil with a smudge sponge on the other end. It’s a nice bright blue colour that I have used a few times as eyeliner. I’ve attempted to use the smudge sponge but find that it just absorbs so much of the product that there is barely any left of my eyelid.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 03 24 pmImpulse – Romantic Spark perfume

This is a great little sample that I’ve been keeping in my handbag. Lately, I’ve been forgetting to put perfume on every morning & carrying this makes it easy to spritz myself in the car on the way to work. It doesn’t really have a strong smell to it or any particular notes that stand out. According to the info card provided in the box it ‘features notes of wild violets & warm, earthy tones’.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 02 24 pmSunscape – Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender

I will be honest, I will probably never use this. I might use it just to try it but I’m sure there isn’t enough product to do more than 1 lower leg & that would look pretty silly, not to mention that it is only a tan extender, not an actual tanner. Based on the packaging it looks like it would smell nice, possibly tropical, like pineapple.


April Bellabox

The April Bellabox theme was Mindful Beauty. This month’s products are all about natural (and often organic) skin makeupmake up. I feel like they are just jumping on the bandwagon here & the blog post with the theme details uses words like natural, green, organic, vegan, philosophy & passion.


Tracking email received: Monday April 23
Package received: Monday April 27 (I tried to pick it up on the Saturday but as it was ANZAC day they were closed)

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_19_39_amNivea Lip Butter – Vanilla & Macadamia

I was quite sceptic about this. I find a lot of brands don’t actual moisturise my lips, they just dry them out & I have had that experience with Nivea before. This wont be the balm I keep in my purse but it will go in my bed side table drawer for use in the evenings. It has a vanilla almond smell but doesn’t have a taste. The tin is quite a good size, which is fine but it’s actually a bit thin. I have a little bit of trouble getting the lid off & I’m sure people with larger hands/fingers would feel the same.  I also don’t like that it is in a tin rather than a stick. I’m fine with using my finger to apply it. But what am I meant to do with the excess on my finger? Wipe it on my clothes?

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_19_56_amDr Roebuck’s – Face

You can’t miss that this is a face cream but you certainly can’t tell what brand it is & I don’t recognise the logo. The packaging is simple. Stating it’s for your face along with the ingredients listed on the side. But I suppose that’s all you really need with a sample. The cream is a thick, rich cream with a hint of lavender that feels quite luxurious. Although it did have a waxy feel to it, after looking at the ingredients I was right.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_20_43_amSwiss – Bioactive Nature Oil

The pump on this sample is more like a pump on a moisturiser bottle rather than spray bottle like I was expecting. And because of that, I wont be using it on my face. I’m also a little cautious about putting oils on my face. It also smells like cooking oil, I don’t mind smelling like cooking oil elsewhere but not on my face. Bioactive Nature Oil is designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damaged skin etc.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_22_amAl’chemy – Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner

I haven’t tried any Al’chemy products before so I am interested to see how it goes & if it actually is unscented (although that might just mean no scents were added). I feel bad because I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I will add my opinions later.

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rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_42_amCoral Colours – Lip Liner in 211 Hayman Cafe

I don’t think I own any lipstick let alone lip liner! I’m not even sure if I will ever use it, perhaps it is an excuse to go buy a lipstick? The colour is a red brown which I think will suit me fine. I will test it with a few of my lip glosses but I will need to keep checking the mirror to make sure the gloss hasn’t worn off, I might end up looking like I’ve just drawn around my lips.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_13_amOriginal Source – Body Wash in Mint Tea Tree

I was in England the first time I used Original Source. I love their packaging, it’s so eye catching & interesting to know what goes into each bottle. While I haven’t used this sample yet, I have already tried the mint tea tree, which has a nice balance between the smelly ingredients.