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Maxine’s Challenge: Week 12

So Maxine’s Challenge has now ended. I don’t think my before & after photos look much different, just as my weight isn’t much different, although there has been a drop of about 2% body fat. I think this is mostly due to getting lazy. I also think my starting size played into it a little bit. I would call myself average so it’s not like I needed to lose any weight at all, just tone & shape up a little bit.

What did I learn?

  • greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder is awesome!
  • Maxine’s protein powder mixed really with 200mL milk tastes like a McDonald’s thick shake
  • I don’t need to eat as much as I do
  • I don’t need to snack as often as I do
  • I can drink water even when I’m not thirsty
  • I can probably get away with doing 3 proper workouts a week & still eat what I would normally eat

Would I do it again?
Yes but only if my husband does it at the same time. It gets really hard to eat properly if he isn’t prepping any of our meals or when he does its steak & chips or something like that. Also if he were doing it he might be able to convince me to join the gym (I have a slight aversion to this).

 decisions decisions: chocolate or strawberry
 post workout snack
mashed banana with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder

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Maxine’s Challenge: Week 11

It’s no surprise that these posts are getting shorter. I’m having a lot of trouble sticking to the program, its mostly the training that I struggle with. My motivation has completely gone out the window. I think it was last week that I said I just wanted to be good at running without putting in any of the leg work to get there. I feel the same about pretty much everything; running, work, eating right etc.

The Bloody Long Walk is getting closer but my distances for that aren’t getting any longer yet. I’d like to try to do 5 kilometres every day for 7 days, as that would add up to 35 kilometres. But I’m sure this is also a pipe dream. I feel like I don’t have the time. I get home from work at 6, do my best to cook a good wholesome dinner, do some housework & try to relax, I feel like there is no time left for anything else. I know it’s a pretty poor excuse.

I did just buy another pack of protein bars & protein powders. This time I got chocolate & strawberry powders & double choc fudge protein bars.

still loving the greek yoghurt & protein powder

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 10

I’ve managed to jump back on the workout motivation band-wagon. I’ve wanted to get back into running again but that first run after a break is always the hardest. I really have no motivation for that right now. I just want to be better at it already!! I’ve been doing some Fitness Blender videos again because I figure if my overall fitness/lung capacity is better, I will find it easier while I’m running. I’ve also signed up to Blogilates because there is a calendar with a work out a day. I haven’t really looked into it yet but I assume it ties in with the Blogilates YouTube channel.

As for the nutrition side of things, I’m still loving the protein powder with greek yoghurt. It has the consistency of pudding so it really does feel like a treat. I’m quite over the protein powder & oats combination although it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. This week I am very determined to prepare my lunches in advance since I have been so slack with that over the last 2 or so weeks.

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Maxine’s Challenge: Week 9

My nutrition has been out of whack for almost 2 weeks now. Most of this week I ate a tin of tuna & crackers for lunch or a tin of tuna & a cuppa soup. Not the best options but I made do with what I had. I was planning on being more organised but that just didn’t happen.

Grand Final day was a bit harder to manage in terms of temptations. It should have been easier as it was at my house!! I probably should have filled my drinking cup with water from the start of the day. I ended up having 2 cans of soft drink then stuck to water for the rest of the day. Lunch was a steak with salad, then we shouted everyone pizza for dinner. While everyone else was having 4+ pieces, I found the 2 smallest slices I could & stuck with that. Two separate people told me that I had lost weight. I assured one of them that I hadn’t, my weight it still the same & it was agreed that I had just toned up.

Sunday was another training session for The Bloody Long walk. I was up at 7, to be at Casey Fields by 8 to start. I tracked 12.44km in 2 hours 32 minutes. The wind was blowing an absolute gale! My feet & hips are a bit sore now but I don’t appear to have any new blisters, which is considered a win. We are about 6 weeks away from the actual event now.

double strawberry protein shake with chia seeds


shrimp scampi

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 8

On Friday I got the new iPhone 6 without waiting in line. I ordered it online & it was delivered, up & running by about 11am. I had the day off because I was going to a wedding in the afternoon. The wedding was in Kallista. It was a nice night & not too late considering we stayed until the very end.

Saturday night we stayed at Crown Towers & had dinner at Rockpool Bar & Grill. We met up with a few people we knew that were in the Casino complex & lost a bit of money on the tables. Dinner was fantastic & reminded me of Ruth’s Chris in Hawaii, where you get your (expensive) steak on a plate with nothing else. I had a 36 month old 250g fillet & chose a side of roasted pumpkin & sweet potato, I enjoyed absolutely every bite! Almost all of the sides were devoured by just me. I also took my week 8 picture with the paper that was outside our hotel door in the morning. I now know that I didn’t need to post a picture with the paper. It just shows a bit more accountability

Sunday was spent taking slow motion videos of Harley & bumming around the house waiting for my niece to enter the world. We went to the hospital to wait for her at about 8pm & she made her appearance at 10:08pm. She is the cutest little thing that I ever did see..


mum & I at the wedding

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