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My Secret Pinterest Boards

I like to think that I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon quite early. Especially since almost everything starts out in America. From what I can tell, my first pin was pinned 5 years ago, which would have been 2012. Pinterest introduced secret boards in late 2012. I can’t even remember which of these boards was the first that I created. But I knew there were some things I wanted to keep for later but wanted to keep private. Here’s a list of my secret boards & what I use them for.

My Secret Pinterest Boards

Blog Ideas

In all honesty, there are way too many pins on this board for me to ever get through them all. I just keep saving things thinking that I will come back to them. Although, I’m sure a lot of people feel that is the whole point on Pinterest: pin things you will never do/make.

• Tools & resources

• Tips

• Courses

• Topic ideas

• How To


I started this board when I found a “Muggle Born” onesie that I wanted to save. Now the board has mostly sewing patterns, party ideas, nursery décor & tips to survive parenthood.

Read Later

This is for anything I am curious about but don’t have the time to commit to reading just yet. I’m sure a few things that should be on the Blog Ideas board have also sneaked there way here. Some things I have pinned here relate to:

• Paying down debt

• Books to read

• Meal plans

• Productivity


LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat. I created this board a while ago when our trainer suggested we look into eating fewer carbs but more fat. I’ve honestly only made 1 thing from this board. But looking at it again now there are more desserts & snacks, some of which I should probably give a try.

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2017 Goals

Once again, I’ve had a good long hard think about what I want to achieve in 2017. There were a few on last years list that I didn’t complete but I don’t want to repeat those again.


Read – This year I’d like to complete a Popsugar reading challenge. I always find out about it too late but I’ve come across the 2017 challenge already. You can see the Popsugar article about the challenge here & my personal progress here.

Actually take a lunch break – I really need to get away from my desk & computer when I eat lunch. This includes when I am at the office & when I’m at home. I often eat breakfast infant of the computer too.

Grow this blog – There are still a lot of edits I need to make to my old posts. I’ve also got a giant list of blog ideas, plus a Pinterest board full.

Sewing – I have had some material to make myself a singlet sitting around for about 6 months now. If I don’t pull my finger out & make it soon I will have to wait until next summer to wear it. Whenever I go out to weddings or parties I’m more interested in what other people are wearing. I try to deconstruct pieces of clothing by so I can make them later.

Financial – I don’t have a specific financial goal yet but I know I want to try to get a bit further ahead.

Have a bath – A bath is a great way for me to relax & enjoy some ‘me time’. Plus after the Boxing Day sale I’ve got a stack of baths bombs to try!


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Challenge myself – This one is inspired by the juice cleanse article I recently read on the Food Network’s Snapchat. I’d like to test my willpower & determination. I’d like to do something everything for a month. Some ideas I have are:
no bread/pasta/ice cream/chocolate/coffee/takeaway food etc
no TV
go vegetarian
drink only water
drink at least 2 liters of water
go for a walk
100 squats/push ups/sit ups etc
I will add links if I end up doing any of these!

Running – This didn’t actually make last year’s list because I was tired of not succeeding. But it’s back & I like to think I’m being reasonable this time. Starting off slow to get myself back into it I want to spend January going for a walk roughly every second day. Then I should be a bit fitter than I currently am & will start running. I’ve attempted the Couch to 5k program several times & I’m determined to compete it. I’ve been considering the idea of setting myself a kilometre goal. But to do 1,000km I would need to average 2.7km per day. I’ll aim for 500km then see how things are progressing after 6 months. The 500km can be made up of walking, running or cycling.

2016 Review

Another year has come to an end. Here is a review of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. You can see the original post here.


  • Read – Rather than actually reading the books on my to-read list, I reevaluated it. I read the synopsis of each book on the list to decided if I really wanted to read it. Lots of books didn’t make the cut & I’m ok with it. My current to-read list has 35 books.
  • Make different things for dinner – I think I had mild success with this. I didn’t feel like I was eating the same stuff all the time. It did help that I started buying frozen mixed vegetables rather than having fresh or frozen individual vegetables, so much easier!
  • Be a better person – I have paid much closer attention to being a better person in the second half of this year. I am much closer to my immediate family & than I ever have been. I’ve also put more effort into be by a better friend by putting myself out there a bit more & rather than talking about myself, asking about their lives. I also think I’ve been a kick ass employee!
  • Grow this blog – I’ve started to do a few different things to improve this blog. I’ve added a watermark to my pictures, featured images to posts & installed an SEO plugin. I still have a long way to go & lots of old posts to edit but it’s getting there.
  • Write – The only thing I have written this year is well wishes on birthday cards! I guess can’t think of any amazing ideas although I’m sure not all stories start with an amazing idea. I did create a new Pinterest board for writing prompts & different words to use.
  • Build another website – After some research, the idea I had already exists in several forms. I know I could have got it going but after the research I put it into the too hard basket.
  • Empty the sink – Although this idea was pretty lame I did make an effort to empty the sink each night. Hopefully this has been the beginning of a new habit.

2016 Goals

I know its quite a bit late for me to be sharing my goals for 2016 but I had a good long, hard think about them this time. There were a few on last years list that I didn’t complete but I don’t want to repeat those again.


  • Read – I have a bunch of books that have been sitting in my to-read list for quite a while. I have already put about 20 of these on suspended hold at the library so I have no excuse! The majority of the books are business or business biography.
  • Make different things for dinner – I usually stick to the standard meat & three vegetable theme that I was brought up on as a kid. We often have steak, sausages, frozen fish, chicken schnitzel & meat pie. I want to move away from those standard, predictable & often boring meals.
  • Be a better person – I think I was a bit selfish last year & I probably wasn’t there for those that needed me last year. I want to be a better wife, family member, friend & employee this year.
  • Grow this blog – I want to share a variety of things that include reviews, recipes, tips, health & fitness, as well as everyday life things. It will also mean that I have to put more effort into planning & writing posts.
  • Write – Since I was in primary school I have wanted to write a book. Since then I have actually spent more time reading books than writing anything. This also includes writing book reviews. I’m not very good at this, I tend to give away way too much information.
  • Build another website – I’ve had an idea for quite a while on what I’d like to do & all of the content it will need. The biggest issue I am having with it is the name. Without a name, I can’t get a domain name, which means nowhere to put the website!
  • Empty the sink – This one is actually pretty lame. But I am very much over having dirty dishes in the sink. So I plan to clean everything that’s in the sink or put it in the dishwasher before going to bed. Who knows, I might actually start cleaning the empty sink out too!

Why I Love My Library

I absolutely ♥ my local library. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s free – all of these things I can do at my library are free.
  • You can borrow books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspapers
  • Online Catalogue – from here I can place a hold on a item, renew the items I have already checked out & suspend items I have on hold.
  • Access to other library catalogues – if there is a book I am after & my group of libraries doesn’t have it, they can borrow it from another library. Then I just treat it as a normal library book, pick it up from my local library then return it before it’s due
  • Branches – there are 6 libraries that are a part of the same group, all within the local council
  • Apps – There is a smart phone app to access your account, another one that allows you to borrow e-audiobooks & e-books, another one to stream music from your device, another one to read e-magazines & another one to read newspapers online
  • Hours – The library is open until 6pm for 4 out 6 days which is great since I work 9am to 5pm
  • Activities – there are a wide variety of activities from trivia nights to school holiday programs. I haven’t actually been to any of the events as they are mostly aimed at people under the age of 10, or the ones that do interest me are during the day on a weekday, while I am at work.

As a result of all these great services I have not purchase or been gifted a book since approximately 2010 (The Hunger Games trilogy). The audio books have introduced me to a few genres & authors that I never would have picked up at the library. I absolutely loved Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden & Fetish by Tara Moss, now I have “read” (listened to) all the books that belong to each series.

If you were to look at my library account today you would see that I have
2 books checked out
8 magazines checked out
19 books on hold (all suspended)
1 e-audiobook checked out
1 e-book checked out

The most recent news update of the website revealed that for every dollar spent on public library services in […] there is a $8.03 return on investment. I couldn’t agree more, the time I spent to obtain my first library card is well worth the the knowledge & entertainment I have gained.