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Happy in Love

Happy in Love

Happy in love, after all this time? Always

Where it all began

My husband and I met through a mutual friend while I was in my last year of high school. It was really fun at the start before either of us had a license, we had to rely on other people so we could see each other. He actually asked me out over MSN Messenger.

We are coming up to 13 years together this year. It feels like a lifetime and it won’t be long before we have known each other for more than half of our lives.

The Proposal

I really did think I was getting ring at the airport when I came back from 6 solo weeks in Europe. But it arrived in a very unexpected way, about 5 months later. We were “gifted” a helicopter joy flight and I publicly thanked those involved on Facebook. A photographer was joining us on our flight. I thought nothing of it, I knew that it would make more sense to fill as many seats as possible. Helicopter flights weren’t exactly cheap.

Before I left for Europe we had purchased a block of land in a developing estate to build our dream home on. We were both eager to see the progress of the estate from the air. To my surprise there was something written on our block of land.

Unique Wedding Proposal


My husband comes from a large family & we knew that we didn’t want a big wedding. So we opted for a destination wedding. We invited the people that were most important to us & ended up with 8 wedding guests. We got married on Waimanalo Beach in Hawaii. For the reception we went to dinner at a restaurant & paid for our guests’ meals and drinks. A friend, my husband and I walked the entire way back to our hotel along the beach in the dark.

Thinking back now that when I was a kid I said that I wanted to get married on a beach in a mini skirt. While the miniskirt didn’t happen, I did get married on a beach.

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We started trying for our first child a few months before we got married. A year passed and nothing. I went to my doctor and we tried a few things. Another year passed, so we started IVF. Another year passed and our little girl arrived on our third wedding anniversary.

Funny Story: I though I might be pregnant after throwing up on the Ferris Wheel at Disney California Adventure.

Date Night

We regularly sit down to dinner at the table as a family. We also try to watch something together about once a week. Usually, it’s Grand Designs Australia or a slew of funny videos on YouTube.

My idea of a perfect date night is a home cooked meal with a homemade dessert followed by a movie on the couch or in bed with a bag of popcorn.

The Future

I’m not sure what the future holds for us but I know we are working towards making it incredible. Afterall, in my wedding vows, I promised to work hard to make our life as amazing as possible.

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2017 Review

Here it is, my 2017 review! To quote Katy Perry: that was such an epic fail! (Firework by Katy Perry).


Read – Reading is hard when you don’t have much time for yourself! I read a lot more books to my daughter than I read to myself. It turns out I read/listened to 15 adult books in 2017. You can see my abysmal) progress for the Popsugar reading challenge here.

Actually take a lunch break – I quit my job back in May, so I can’t say I’ve worked through my lunch break much lately. Even while I was at work I was just as busy that I still ate at my desk.

Grow this blog – I think I have made real progress on this. While I’m still not posting as often as I would like. I am putting much more effort into things like content, graphics & social media. I have a ton of half finished posts & even more ideas.

Sewing – I did make that singlet that I had been planning make. However, it did turn out to be a bit smaller than I would have liked. And because of that, I haven’t actually worn it yet. That & the fact that the weather is only just picking up again now.

Financial – Since I didn’t have a goal, technically I didn’t fail here! However, I did start paying my husband & I some pocket money each week. It goes into our separate accounts so we can spend it on whatever we like.

Have a bath – I did actually use all the bath bombs that I had, so I purchased some more. It was great to have a bath at the end of the working week.


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Challenge myself – I have completed 2 challenges this year, see them here. I do really love this idea but so many of them need to be planned around different parts of the year. For example, 30 days of only water would be best done in the warmer months.

Running – Sigh. This really needs to stop appearing on my goals lists. I really must not be as keen as I think I am to make any progress with this. While I am still envious when I see people out running, thinking I wish that was me.

But to quote Gretchen Rubin: Onward & upward (closing phrase to her podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin)


Here is a list of a bunch of first things I have experienced.

my first wedding

my first wedding

Kiss – 2000: First week of year 7 I managed to get a boyfriend & have my first kiss. That relationship lasted a week but it certainly wasn’t my last kiss.

CD – 1996: Spice Girls.

International trip – 2003: School trip to New Caledonia.

Car – 2008: My green Mazda 121 only cost $1,800 but I had to fork out another $2,000 to get it roadworthy.

Detention – 2000: The day my English teacher decided to hand out detentions for those that had not completed their homework. She did say that it was from that day on, but apparently not. I spent the detention doing research for her for one of her year 10 classes.

Wedding – 1992: I was the flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. Sadly that was the first & last time I was a part of a bridal party.

Teacher – 1993: Mrs Glasscock, an old lady that taught us really weird songs.

Job – 2004: Wendy’s Ice Cream just to fill in during the busy Christmas period.

Concert – 2001: Rumba, a festival type concert for all ages held at a football stadium. I went with my dad. The artists included Blue, Shaggy, Madison Avenue, Nelly Futardo, Killing Heidi, Vanessa Amorosi, Craig David.

Broken bone

All-nighter – 1997: my 10th birthday party was a sleep over. We decided to play Doctors & Nurses at 6am & smashed a thermometer. We spent a bit of time trying to pick up the mercury from the broken thermometer, no one had ever told me that it was poisonous.

Aeroplane trip – 1991: family trip to Surfer’s Paradise.

Moved house – 2012: The first time I moved house was into the house I built with my husband.

Jury Duty

Pet – 1992: a gold fish purchased at the Royal Melbourne Show. Ironically I named it Goldie.

Mobile phone – 2002: a trusty Nokia 3310 that actually got stolen from my bag during a PE lesson. The replacement I bought was also a 3310.

Piercing – 1993: I got my ears pierced for my 6th birthday, I think it was my present from my neighbours.

Expensive purchase (excluding cars & property) – 2011: I bought myself a Louise Vuitton bag in Paris. I saved up for it.

Heartbreak – 2004: This is not love heartbreak, but friendship heartbreak. I had a friend that was going through a tough time; he found some new friends, dropped out of school & basically fell off the face of the earth. I took it really hard.

The Bloody Long Walk

Towards the end of August one of my colleagues suggested we do The Bloody Long Walk. A few others agreed & I also got roped into it. The Bloody Long Walk is a 35km challenge to cure Mitochondrial Disease, a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure & potentially death.
The walk starts at the iconic Victoria Park football ground in Abbotsford, follows the main Yarra trail to Crown Casino, continues down alongside the tram tracks to Port Melbourne & concludes at North Road Reserve in Brighton.


We started our training in September, aiming to increase the kilometres with each training session. Since we started, the team has done around 80 kilometres, & I have personally done over 100 kilometres.


We have trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Casey Fields in Cranbourne, Peninsula Link around Frankston & walked several parts of the route.

The Bloody Long Walk

Another of our colleagues was nice enough to pick me & some others up at the crack of dawn to be there for our start time of 7:40am. I was expecting to finish around 4pm, but it later turned out that my calculations were wrong as I was hoping do it in 7 hours (at 5km/h for 35km), with about 20 minutes allowed for breaks therefore should have finished around 3pm.

The scenery throughout the entire walk was magnificent & it was nice to see some parts of the course we hadn’t already trained at. The first 8 or so kilometers had quite a few steep inclines that we weren’t really expecting. We knew there were some at the start but didn’t realise how many, or how grueling they would be.

There were check points roughly every 5 kilometres, which had bananas, oranges & water. I took full advantage of the food here as I was rationing the food I bought from home.

Half Way

We were lucky to have a spare car driving around to meet us at different points with our bags so we didn’t have to carry anything. I had a bum bag with my phone, camera, a protein bar & a water bottle. The car also had an eski with fresh cold water.

I changed my socks at about half way & was surprised at how much it seemed to help. I was a smart & taped my feet in the morning before I even left the house. A wide piece across my heel because that was where I had been having issues during training. I also put some on the outside of my big & little toes as they rub a little bit sometimes. Finally I put some across the ball of my foot, right up to the bottom of my toes.

Once we got to the beach at Port Melbourne I knew we only had about 10 kilometres to go. I will admit the last 3 were the absolute hardest. I found I was walking on my own as we all seemed to be going at a different pace. Although I spent most of the walk at the back of our group I was in the middle for the last stretch. Towards the end my hips where incredibly sore (my guess is from the bum bag, I had a lot of relief once I took it off), I was trying to keep my breathing steady to avoid a panic attack all while trying not to cry with all the emotions & feelings I was experiencing.

The Finish Line

We crossed the finish line as a team & I was so happy to see my husband waiting for me after all I had been through. When I hugged him at the end & said I was going to kill Tania (the colleague that convinced me to participate), I was about to cry but managed to turn it into a bit of a laugh. It would have been quite embarrassing if I did cry but I’m sure I would not have been the only one.

I had a very hot bath when I got home & went to be at about 8pm. I slept like a baby. I’m not as sore as I was expecting to be today but I am very sun burned. My poor virgin white skin on my legs got an awful beating especially along the beach with the wind. Hopefully it calms down soon & isn’t too uncomfortable.

Would I do it again?

Certainly not!! During training I joked that I might do a marathon next, after all it’s only an additional 7 kilometres. That is certainly a funny joke now.

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 12

Maxine's Challenge Week 12Maxine’s Challenge week 12 is now complete. I’m pleased to say that I stuck with it as best I could. Twleve weeks is a long time. To some the challenge would be a real lifestyle change too. My actual weight isn’t much different, although there has been a drop of about 2% in my body fat. I think this is mostly due to getting lazy. I also think my starting size played into it a little bit. I’m probably considered average so it’s not like I needed to lose any weight at all, just tone up & shape my muscles.

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What did I learn?

  • greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder is awesome!
  • Maxine’s protein powder combined with 200mL milk in a blender tastes like a McDonald’s thickshake
  • I don’t need to eat as much as I do
  • I don’t need to snack as often as I do
  • I can drink water even when I’m not thirsty
  • green tea with jasmine is a great hot beverage alternative to tea or coffee
  • I can probably get away with doing three proper workouts a week and continue to eat what I would normally eat

Would I do it again?

Yes but only if my husband does it at the same time. It gets really hard to eat properly if he isn’t prepping any of our meals or when he does its steak & chips or something like that. Also if he were doing it he might be able to convince me to join the gym (I have a slight aversion to this). A gym membership would make it so much easier as they have all of the equipment. I found it really hard at the end to complete any of the weight training at home.

decisions, decisions: chocolate or strawberry
post workout snack
a mashed banana with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder


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