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Welcome to Spring!

Spring has officially started & Melbourne actually got the memo, producing a beautiful spring day.


Unfortunately, I didn’t know how or when to harvest lettuce last year so I just let it grow. It went to seed & has been popping up in random places in the garden bed. From what I can see, there are 3 types growing. I am unsure which types as they were purchased as mixed lettuce.

I’ve already been picking at the lettuce as needed & will continue to use it this way. It’s fantastic having it on hand & I think it might grow almost year round.


After visiting a local strawberry farm in March this year, I knew I had to try to grow my own. I thought I had missed my chance, needing to plant in April or May but when I looked into it I still had time. According to my research, four plants should produce enough fruit to keep a family in strawberry heaven.

There were a few varieties to choose from at the nursery. Rather than choosing all the same, I opted for a few different plants. I purchased a strawberry, a bubbleberry, a strasberry & a pineberry. A bubbleberry has hints of bubblegum as well as different berries. A strasberry looks like a strawberry cross raspberry & has a mild raspberry flavour. A pineberry has white flesh with red seeds & a pineapple tang.

I’m really excited to try all of them when they start fruiting.


Out of everything, I am most proud of my peas. I planted 20 seeds and about 16 plants grew. I’ve been checking on them almost daily to watch their progress. I was excited to see the first flowers and now the first pea pods. I’m sure it won’t be long until we have so many peas I won’t know what to do with them!

Growing Leeks

Last week I experimented in the kitchen & bought lots of things I wouldn’t normally buy; prawns, lemongrass, coriander, sesame oil, fish sauce, leek, red chillis.
A few of the items still had their roots attached & it got me thinking. I had seen that you could put spring onions in a glass of water & they would regrow. There should be no reason why anything else with it’s root intact would be any different.
Here is a leek after being in water for 1 week. It was sliced cleanly off but has grown quite a bit in a week.
I have also put some coriander in some water but I can’t tell if it is making any progress.
I also have some garlic cloves that seem to have sprouted in the cupboard, I might pop them into done soil & see what happens.