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I Got Stuck on a Desert Island

I Got Stuck on a Desert Island

When I was in primary school a popular screen saver on the computer in our classroom was a little man stuck on a desert island. Since then I have come across the question of what I’d take to a desert island several times. It’s a popular interview question & was part of getting to know my fellow online classmates recently.

I’ve decided to make this a little more specific.

I know I’m going to the dessert island.

I will be there for one year.

I can take 5 things with me.

I’ve given this some serious thought. Avoiding obvious choices like a never-ending supply of food, a boat to get home etc

Without further ado, I’d bring the following.

Harry Potter box set

The seven books in the series would account for hours of entertainment. I think it would take me 2-3 weeks to get through the series, assuming I have other duties to tend to (hunting & cooking food, bathing, exploring etc.). I am quite certain that after a while I will begin to act out, voices & all, while I read aloud to my non-existent audience.


A flint is a piece of grey hard rock that when struck with steel produces an igniting spark. Or in other words, make a fire. This way I can cook any food that I catch, stay warm & hopefully ward off any curious animals.


A rope would be really useful. I could use it to set animal traps, drag the animals I trap, rig up a shelter or make a raft.

Swiss Army knife

The multitude of tools in a Swiss Army knife makes it so handy. A knife would be so handy for hunting, preparing food & the scissors to cut my nails.


Given the choice, I would choose my dog, Harley. He would try really hard to catch birds & make me laugh several times a day. I know he can’t talk back to me but I would certainly have many conversations with him. I would also settle for an inanimate object companion, like Wilson from Castaway.

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YouTube Limelight: Hey Nadine

Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course the video I like best. This month is Nadine from Hey Nadine.

Having just returned from Hawaii, I was smart & researched a few travel tips in advance. I’m not new to international travel, but it’s handy to see what else I can do to improve my experience.

Click here to see more of Nadine’s videos.

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Laugh often, laugh loudly, and most important, laugh at yourself - Chelsea Handler

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My Secret Pinterest Boards

I like to think that I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon quite early. Especially since almost everything starts out in America. From what I can tell, my first pin was pinned 5 years ago, which would have been 2012. Pinterest introduced secret boards in late 2012. I can’t even remember which of these boards was the first that I created. But I knew there were some things I wanted to keep for later but wanted to keep private. Here’s a list of my secret boards & what I use them for.

My Secret Pinterest Boards

Blog Ideas

In all honesty, there are way too many pins on this board for me to ever get through them all. I just keep saving things thinking that I will come back to them. Although, I’m sure a lot of people feel that is the whole point on Pinterest: pin things you will never do/make.

• Tools & resources

• Tips

• Courses

• Topic ideas

• How To


I started this board when I found a “Muggle Born” onesie that I wanted to save. Now the board has mostly sewing patterns, party ideas, nursery décor & tips to survive parenthood.

Read Later

This is for anything I am curious about but don’t have the time to commit to reading just yet. I’m sure a few things that should be on the Blog Ideas board have also sneaked there way here. Some things I have pinned here relate to:

• Paying down debt

• Books to read

• Meal plans

• Productivity


LCHF stands for Low Carb High Fat. I created this board a while ago when our trainer suggested we look into eating fewer carbs but more fat. I’ve honestly only made 1 thing from this board. But looking at it again now there are more desserts & snacks, some of which I should probably give a try.

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Things don't have to change the world to be important - Steve Jobs

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How I Keep Calm In Traffic

Heavy traffic can be the bane of your existance if you drive to work. Here are the things I do to keep calm in traffic & make the commute a bit more bearble. How I Keep Calm In Traffic

Listen to the radio

The main reason I listen to the radio when I’m driving is to get the traffic report. Most radio stations deliver a traffic report roughly every 15 minutes during peak times. Because of this I can make an informed decision about which roads to take to my destination.

The music & DJs also help pass the time. I often think about how I could contribute if I had to call in about the topic they are talking about.

Minimise distractions

I keep my phone on silent most of the time, not just when I’m driving but when I am work too. I also keep it in the phone pocket of my bag, on the floor on the passenger side of my car. The radio is generally up loud enough that I don’t hear it vibrate & I occasionally have missed calls, text messages or notifications when I check my phone at my destination.

Know the roads

In case you need to take a different route, it helps to know the roads. My car doesn’t have a built in GPS, so knowing the roads comes in handy. Sometimes you will have no choice but to figure it out as you go.

A bonus here is to be able to orient yourself by knowing which way is north & knowing which general direction you need to go.

Play a game

I like to take note of some of the cars around me & track my progress against theirs. I try to pick a memorable vehicle or two (usually ones with branding of some sort, it makes them easy to remember) & compare which lanes are moving faster. It sometimes interesting to see further along the road once the traffic has cleared if I see them again.

Know the flow

Knowing which lanes flow better on the freeway help you take advantage of the ones that move a bit faster than others. Generally the lanes where traffic merges tend to move slower, but that is not always the case.

Use audio books

For long trips I like to listen to audio books. If I know I will be in the car for at least an hour, it’s a great way to multi-task. Most of the audio books I like to listen to are ones I can learn from: business, personal finance & even self help. The only time I avoid this is during peak traffic periods where I find its best to listen to the radio for the traffic report.

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Spend more time with people, less time in front of a screen, and - since we're all in it together - be nice to people - Aziz Ansari

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Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning - Gloria Steinem

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